Earn £50 In An Hour By Mystery Shopping


Would you like to earn extra money by mystery shopping?

It will only take approximately 1 hour if your time 

You can fit it in on a day and time that suits you and the financial reward is worthwhile, my best so far has been £50 for an hour visit to a high street bank with mystery shopping company Ragdoll Research

I am registered with a number of companies that offer mystery shopping and its simple, you sign up by completing a short questionnaire and then someone will get back to you and run through your details and allocate a shop, store or branch to you based on your location and the information you provide

They will post you any tape recording devices that might be required and any expenses like travel or if you have to make a purchase as part of the shop is reimbursed; you do need to make sure you keep all receipts to get the money back and make sure budgets are discussed with the agent before you venture out on your mystery shop


Sign Up

You can register your interest with here by completing this form

You will need to state that your recruiter was myself, Claire Stewart for your application to be reviewed

Each mystery shop will be different and there isn’t any limit to how many you can do. The money you are paid for mystery shopping is classed as an income and you are liable to pay tax on it therefore you would need to declare it to HMRC



The whole idea behind mystery shopping is so that companies can evaluate the level of service being supplied to customers in order to see where their store or branch is excelling or failing. If a store knew they were being evaluated the chances are they would be on their best behaviour which would not give a true reflection on how the store is run on a day to day basis hence the need for mystery shoppers

Mystery shopping can also be done online, or over the phone, you don’t need to visit a store to evaluate a service and companies

It is a great way to boost your monthly income

Any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below, happy shopping!


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