Stress-Free Car Buying Advice For Girls Who Just Want A Break

Stress-free car buying advice for girls who just want a break from the stress.

Buying a car is probably the second-biggest purchase you’ll make in your life (after buying a house). And that fact alone can make it stressful. Then when you heap on all of the complexity of the market and features you need, it becomes unbearable.


Stress-Free Car Buying Advice

What’s a girl to do? 

Unless you’re into cars in a big way, it can be challenging to know what tack to take.

Buying a car should be as simple as makeup or shampoo, but it’s not. It feels like there’s so much to learn. 

Now for the good news: in this post, we break down the car buying process into a series of steps you can easily understand. Follow these instructions to the letter and you’ll be able to find a vehicle that meets all your needs and does the job you expect of it. 


Tip 1: Buy Something Affordable

When it comes to buying a car, you need to think way beyond just the sticker price. The upfront costs of a vehicle are high (just ask anyone who’s ever bought a vehicle off the forecourt brand new). But the running costs are usually just as costly, spread out over a longer time frame. 

Some cars have high sticker prices and low running costs – think electric vehicles. Others have low sticker prices and high running costs – think second-hand or classic cars. And some are cheap to buy and run.

Which you choose really depends on your budget and preferences. But if you don’t want your motor vehicle consuming half your disposable income, your best bet is to stick with the latter option: cheap to buy and run. 


Tip 2: Test Drive It

While you might like the look of a car, there’s nothing quite like test driving it. 

You know those small hair conditioner samples brands send you in the post so that you can try their products? Well, you can think of a test drive as the same thing. It’s your opportunity to find out whether the car you want offers you real value. It might look great on the outside, but it’s the inside that really counts. 


Tip 3: Choose A Vehicle With Quality Components

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Choosing a vehicle with quality components is probably the most difficult piece of advice on this list. After all, how is the average person supposed to know whether a car brand used quality parts in the construction of its vehicles? 

It turns out that there is data available on this if you know where to look. Remember, as a driver, what you care about most is how long parts will last and how much they’ll cost to replace. So quality alone isn’t actually sufficient.

What matters is the average yearly servicing and maintenance costs. If you’re on a budget, you want something that comes in at less than $600 per year. To get down to a figure like this, you’ll need to choose mostly Japanese makes. 

Also, look for obvious signs that the manufacturer has put in the thought and effort into the vehicle. Adding robust safety systems, proper suspension, mags (a type of lightweight alloy wheel), and quality interiors are all signs that the brand prioritises quality. 


Tip 4: Write Down The Non-Negotiable Features You Must Have In Your Car

Before you even start shopping for vehicles, you need to write down some of the non-negotiable features that your car must have. 

Think carefully about this, especially if you have a family. Do you have enough boot space to take everyone on vacation? Are the safety features sufficient to protect the occupants? You must consider all these factors. 

It’s also worth taking a test drive before you write down the features you want. Car technology isn’t static. It’s improving all the time. So you’ll often find that new vehicles have a raft of features that you just don’t get on older models that improve your quality of life in ways you never expected. 

Imagine, for instance, having auto-dipping headlights and react immediately to oncoming traffic. Or what about a vehicle that opens when you walk up to it with the key in your pocket. Or how about windscreen wipers that automatically turn on and adjust their speed according to the intensity of the rain. 

It sounds futuristic, but all this technology is here today and has actually been around for a while. 


Tip 5: Choose A Vehicle That Slots Into Your Current Lifestyle

Sometimes, cars are aspirational purchases. We buy vehicles that facilitate the life that we want to have, not the one we’re actually stuck with. 

There’s nothing wrong with ambition. But you should be honest with yourself about how you’re going to actually use your vehicle. 

In reality, it is very unlikely that you’re going to use it to go on off-road safaris every weekend. Mostly, you’ll use it for trundling across town, to and from work. Thus, the type of car you buy ought to reflect this. A big Jeep might seem like a fun vehicle, but if you need a daily driver to get to work, then a small, sensible hybrid should do the trick. 


Tip 6: Shop Around

It might be tempting to go to your local forecourt or dealership and buy a car there and then. That’s precisely what they want you to do. It breaks the buying cycle and keeps you transfixed on their products. But, remember, there are a lot of people out there looking to sell cars. And many of them are offering great deals that they don’t want to miss. 


Tip 7: If You’re Unsure, Buy On Lease

Lastly, if you’re unsure about whether you really need a car (or how it will add to your life), one of your best options is to buy on lease. Here you get access to your own private motor vehicle and pay a monthly fee. At the end of the term, you can either hand it back to the seller, or you can pay a balloon payment on the remainder of the outstanding value. 

The great thing about leases is that you can stop them at any time, so you’re not locked into a large expense. 

Stress-free car buying advice for girls who just want a break are 7 tips to consider. I hope they help

*this is a collaborative post

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    Good advices, great blog topic, but I have little faith that “Buying a car should be as simple as makeup or shampoo…”

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    Thank you!!

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