Five Accessories Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

Your outfit might look good, but the right accessories can make it look great. They can dress an outfit up or down, and also add a little of your own personality and style. Here are five accessories that every woman could benefit from owning.


A personal piece of jewellery

Whether it’s a ring, bracelet or necklace, a piece of jewellery that means something to you is a nice way to add personality to an outfit. It could be a stunning Tiffany piece that you’ve picked out yourself, a Pandora bracelet or a piece of jewellery bought for you by a loved one.


A great handbag

A nice handbag is practical as well as stylish, it’s something that’s so well used why not spend a little more on it and treat yourself? A better quality bag will last longer and can save you money over time.

If you choose something classic it will go with all of your outfits and you’ll be able to wear it for years to come without it looking dated. Choose a style that suits you. A cross body bag is useful if you’re always on the go, otherwise a shoulder bag or tote could be for you if you need more space. Backpacks can look cute and stylish.


A shawl or scarf

A shawl or scarf can add a pop of colour, pattern and glamour to an otherwise plain outfit. A scarf is useful for casual wear during the colder months, a shawl makes a nice addition to an evening outfit. If you wanted to go for something luxurious you could check out authentic Kashmiri shawls, otherwise choose something based on a colour and pattern that catches your eye.


A hat you love

A hat can really finish off an outfit, even if you think you’re not a ‘hat person’ definitely give them a try again. There are so many different styles you’re sure to find something that suits you, it could be a glam floppy sun hat or a trendy fedora, or something casual like a beanie or baseball cap.

If you’re a bit of a girly girl, these kinds of more ‘boyish’ hats can look great with your hair down and red lipstick!


Sunglasses that suit your face

Again, practical and stylish sunglasses can look ultra glam and protect your eyes from UV rays. The sun can damage the delicate eye skin leading to premature ageing, and having to squint when it’s bright can make fine lines more pronounced too.

The trick with getting sunglasses right it to find a pair that suit your face. This can take some time, and can mean trying on LOTS of pairs. Bring along an honest friend and ask them to give you a second opinion too as sometimes it can be hard trying to work it out on your own.

Don’t forget to buy a hard sunglasses case too to protect them, the last thing you want is to find the perfect pair and they get broke in your bag!

*this is a collaborative post

Five Accessories Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe




  1. Amanda tanner
    26/08/2018 / 19:54

    I’ve never been a hat person they do compliment an outfit but never had the guts to wear one.

  2. Amy simpson
    22/10/2018 / 07:05

    I love hat’s but don’t really own a scarf,so think i may invest in one x

  3. bev
    23/10/2018 / 08:36

    I love my hat but don’t get much chance to wear it.

  4. brenda heads
    31/10/2018 / 21:32

    I usually just buy a cheap pair of sunglasses without taking much notice, but I think I will try to get a good pair that suits my face.

  5. Dragonfly63
    02/11/2018 / 10:55

    Love this guide, so simple but stylish, thanks.

  6. Louise Reeks
    12/11/2018 / 12:09

    Have them all but a hat, they never look right on me

  7. A S,Edinburgh
    20/11/2018 / 13:48

    You’re so right about the sunglasses; it can take ages to find the right pair, but it’s so worth finding some you’re happy with.

  8. 15/06/2020 / 09:38

    I could not agree with you more! And top these with an attitude and a personality so that you carry all these with an elan that is eye catching and endearing.

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