Branding Your Blog: 4 Simple Steps

Branding your blog: 4 simple steps that is all you need

Consistency is key and after all to gain follower you need to be able to clearly convey what your site is about in a concise amount of time.

Happily, there are some straightforward steps that you can take to ensure your blog is victorious in this area. Read the post below to find out more.

Know your audience

First of all, if you are to brand your blog successfully, you need to know your audience or demographic. Put simply, this is who you want your followers to be. A topic you can get some information on at

In fact, all business not just blogs go through this step because it allows them to establish their niche.

Something that, in the case of bloggers can help to increase their following and so ensure their site is a going concern.

Find your voice

If you want your blog to stand out amongst the millions of others, there is another branding method you can use, and it’s finding your voice. Now, I don’t mean just having the courage to post here, but establishing a way of writing that becomes synonymous with your blog, in particular.


Of course, the voice your pick will depend on a few different things including the demographic you are appealing to, your own personality, and the niches in which you choose to write. After all, a business blog like the ones at will often have a much different voice than a mommy one if they are to work successfully.  


Use a consistent visual tone

Next, if you want to brand your blog successfully it’s essential that you establish a consistent visual tone across the entire site, and with things that are related to it as well. Something that can not only help your blog to stand out but also make it look as professional as possible as well.


Happily, there are several steps you can take to create a consistent visual tone on your blog. The first is to get a logo made professionally, as well as the front page banner. You can then use the colours in these through the rest of your site.


Additionally, you can use the logo in official documents and correspondence that you send relating to your blog. Something that the service offered at can help make it easier to do. Then, no matter how you are communicating with your followers or sponsors you can be sure that your blog’s brand will clearly come across.


Create your ‘about me’ story

Another part of branding your blog is to pay attention to what you post in your ‘about me’ section. Yes, it’s all very well writing a few lines about what you love in life, but something that is far more consistent with establishing a brand for your blog is to write a short story about what brought you to this point.


In fact, by doing this, you are not only helping to reinforce that all important brand, but will also set up your credibility and expertise relating to the topics you blog about too!

*this is a collaborative post


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