Ways To Style Your Nails

There are so many ways to style your nails and I thought I would share a couple with you

An important part of my appearance and how I feel about myself comes down to self care

One of the ways I offer myself self care is through the form of being pampered

Something I thoroughly enjoy is having nail extensions and manicures



I’ve had regular manicures, luxury manicures, hot wax manicures, extensions, acrylics, shellac’s and more recently SNS gel treatments

There are lots of salons and nail bars that offer a variety of treatments

Each might differ slightly and your nails will look different by a different technician

If you already have natural nails your happy with you might just opt for a manicure and polish

This is where they remove the excess cuticles on each nail, usually a hand and finger massage and then a polish colour to top it off

Tip Extensions

I often have acrylic extensions as I liked having longer nails

My natural nails typically break when they get to a certain length, plus they were never really that strong

Acrylic extensions give you exactly the type of nail that you want

The style and shape is created with the acrylic, the technician can give you exactly what you want

This treatment means you have whatever nails you have cut off, and tips put on

Then the acrylic powder is put on top and moulded into the shape you want

This is then buffed smooth and you can have a polish finish, or have them with a natural look finish

Shellac Polish

Shellac polish is a liquid gel which is set to harden with a UV light

The benefits of this means that you don’t have to wait for the polish to dry and worry about smudging them

You can have shellac polish on any type of nail

Natural nails without extensions, or even on top of acrylic nails

I absolutely love shellac polish as typically you get no cracking, no chipping no spoiling of any sort

Not only that it will last until you remove it

I tend to get them re-done every 3 weeks when I have shellac, as that’s the rate of growth for my nails


SNS  is something I’ve been having more recently as they are less damaging to your own natural nail

There is no drilling to apply the SNS polish, they just buff your own nail

The liquid bond is applied directly to your own nail, and your nail is dipped into the colour powder

Coloured powder sticks to the liquid and coats your nail

It’s then buffed smooth and have a nice strong coverage without looking bulky and fake

There are a lot of at home kits

I would always recommend buying the removal kits as well in case you don’t like how it looks. These are good ones I would recommend buying

Don’t try to pull any of the nails or gels off your own nails

These wraps soak the nail and it can then be easily removed

Always soak them off, it ruins your own nail underneath if you pull them

Plus it can be quite painful

Let me know what experiences you have had whether you recommend a certain style or if there is a treatment you would never have

Almond Ombre SNS on my natural nails


Square Acrylic extensions with french manicure finish 

my hand close up showing my newly designed nails with a white tip extension


  1. Louise Reeks
    12/11/2018 / 12:08

    for the first time in 40 years i have finally learnt no to bite my nails. I now have lovely long nails that i get manicured once a month

  2. 05/05/2020 / 14:33

    I love your nails! The ombre looks beautiful!!!

  3. 08/08/2020 / 06:45

    Did you do this with SNS dip powders? Looks pretty.

  4. projeto along hair
    10/09/2020 / 22:15

    SNS enamel is something I haven’t used yet. thank you for the tips

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