Iconic Dream And Iconic Business

Jade Elliott, the founder of Iconic had a passion for make up. Her Iconic dream became here Iconic business

From this passion she has managed to build a million pound business


In an already saturated market, Jade saw that there was a gap for high end, fun and rebellious products

With no prior business experience, Jade started from scratch and taught herself everything she would need to know

iconic london illuminator the original in the bottle

The Start

From Jade’s bedroom in her London flat she began her dream

Being a one-woman start up she needed to learn every single facet of her brand

She had the belief and confidence in herself to follow through, and launched in 2015

It wasn’t until Iconic reached 100,000 Instagram followers, Jade moved into real offices

Strength to Strength

Iconic was a hit from day one

The products were being features in beauty magazines such as Vogue, as well as being sold in Harvey Nicholls

All in it’s first year!

iconic london glow quad palette open showing the different colours

Jade believes it is her mindset that she had the belief and confidence, to follow through with her dream

Now Iconic sits with 1,000,000 Instagram followers, which is very impressive

iconic london eyeshadow palette open with all the colours displayed

The Millennial Launch

To celebrate this huge milestone Iconic have brought out yet another stunning product, the Multiglow

The Multiglow is a jelly formula which gives a high pigmented, wet-look glow

Sold in 12g pots, in 6 different gorgeous shades

iconic london multiglow pot open so you can look at the cream inside

It can be used the same way as a regular highlighter, grazed across the high points of your face

Application is no different, can use a brush, sponge or your finger

The wet-look glows gives a different look to regular highlighter

I am a huge fan of Iconic products, the multiglow is no exception

 Last Summer  the Original Shimmer powder palette was my skin essential

The whole brand is also cruelty free

Knowing about success stories like Jade’s also gives me a lot of drive personally

It is great to see business blossom into such incredible brands from ideas

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Iconic London make up products displayed in a collage


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    21/01/2019 / 08:01

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    21/01/2019 / 10:28

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    24/01/2019 / 12:52

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    29/01/2019 / 17:05

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    02/02/2019 / 13:38

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    03/02/2019 / 12:26

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