The Glamour Beauty Festival 2018 Review

The Glamour Beauty Festival London 2018 review, I was a virgin to the Glamour beauty festival so a little unsure what to expect when I went along to the show, I invited my friend Celia along with me as I had 2 Sunday PM tickets

The festival is held by Glamour magazine and is hosted once a year, this year it was in association with Philips

It was held at Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square, London and I attended on Sunday 11th March which was also the last day of the festival. I arrived in plenty of time for my tickets and was horrified when I saw how big the queue was already, I was there half an hour earlier than I needed to be as well I clearly didn’t get the memo about super early arrival


We were handed a brochure and had our wristbands put on while queuing so we were able to work out a plan of action for which route to take around the show to try and make sure we get round to each zone

Glamour Beauty Festival 2018

Hair Zone

I was fortunate enough to get complimentary tickets so my first stop was off to the Hair Zone to see the lovely Kay from OGX who I got my tickets from to say thank you in person. The Hair Zone was a room with Schwarzkopf, Batiste, GHD and OGX, each brand had a corner of the room and were offering free treatments, styling session and freebies

I picked up a few freebies my way round  the room and then got in the line with Batiste to get my hair styled. Now I understand why people were queuing from so early as they obviously knew they wanted to visit a certain stand first to get a free treatment and headed straight to that stand first, makes sense as we were queuing for 20 minutes until we were seen by a stylist. The lovely James who is a session stylist by trade gave me a full head of wonderful wavy curls, it did look very glamorous if I do say so myself and I was very pleased with the result

Business Talk

Following this we also had complimentary tickets for a talk with Trinny Woodall who is a presenter and entrepreneur, she has launched a stackable beauty range last year called Trinny London and the talk was going through her brand and generally the entrepreneurial side of being a woman in business. It was very inspiring listening to Trinny talk about her past work life and her motivation and inspiration behind becoming an entrepreneur herself and I came out feeling very empowered



While we were up in the second floor we collected our complimentary goodie bags containing £180 worth of samples this is a bag given to everyone who attends the show and the bag came in very handy too. I will show you what was included in the goodie bag later on

There were Nails Inc and Orly nail bars which once again had huge queues as they were giving free manicures and polishes, both brands I am familiar with and like their products however, I always have my nails done with SNS powder now so having a manicure wouldn’t have been possible without soaking off my SNS. We moved on from this to the Wellness Zone where we got to sample a Gold Collagen bottle which is a daily shot drink designed to increase your collagen levels. We were chatting with a rep who was explaining about how the body uses and also loses collagen over time especially as we get older, this also came with a skin test where the levels of our PH were measured along with the collagen in our skin

Fragrance Zone

Down to the first floor for a glass of bubbles not that it meant we had a break as we took our glasses off with us to Fragrance Zone. The smell walking into the Fragrance Zone was gorgeous, Guerlain  had samples for their new fragrance which was inspired by Angelina Jolie and were also providing complimentary hand and arm massages using the Mon Guerlain body lotion. The team were lovely, very friendly and the massages were very welcome and felt incredible, this also meant the smell of the lotion stayed with us for the rest of the day which I adored. The perfume is a stunning fragrance and the next day I bought myself a bottle as they weren’t selling bottles at the show they were only giving away samples, which were still greatly received but now I have a full sized bottle too



The Cover Star Zone

The cover star zone which was mainly the fabulous Feel Unique, the were giving away 10 samples each AND you got to choose from a wall of 100 different items what samples you wanted, amazing right? This was quite a big queue as well but we were treated to some snack bars from Nakd as well as some Lindt chocolates while we were queuing. There ended up being more than 10 samples each probably because it was the last day of the show but the girls added a few extra in each of the bags for everyone. Feel Unique’s website sells over 500 different brands so the samples were reflective of the choices


The Make Up Zone

The make up zone which was buzzing! There was Nude by Nature, Revlon, NARS and Kat Von D, the room was filled to bursting with other make up enthusiast who were visiting the stands and getting free treatments which once again the queues for treatments were easily half an hour long each despite each brand having at least 10 make up artists working constantly. Such a popular room understandably as the professional artists were completely free and no  obligation to buy any products or any catches whatsoever. We decided to queue for Kat Von D, I already had a full face of make up from what I had applied that morning but Celia wanted to get hers added to and check out what techniques they use to create the look she wanted. The results were amazing Celia looked incredible



Unfortunately time was up here and the show was over, we didn’t get round to either of the Skin care zones or the Instagram zone nor the Philips or Alcatel stalls I can honestly say we both had a fantastic time, we spent the whole show on our feet pretty much and queuing but also amongst like minded make up and beauty enthusiast, you could feel the atmosphere in every zone and room you went in to

The passion and enthusiasm behind each brand is obvious by the people working for the brands as well as us visitors to the show

My experience has boosted my love of make up and the influence from the show means I have since bought the new Guerlain perfume and a Kat Von D eye make up palette which I probably wouldn’t have otherwise



A few points to probably consider for anyone looking to go to the show next year, I don’t feel that I had enough time and we rushed a lot more than I would have liked with each zone just so we could get round them all, which we didn’t manage anyway, but get all day tickets not just AM or just PM buy all day ones

Secondly, do not wear any make up or minimal make up. I went to the show with a full face of make up and that meant that I couldn’t really get my make up done by any of the artists as it would have meant taking off what I had already applied that morning

Do not wear your hair up or with loads of products in it as there are lots of free styling at the show which you surely want to take advantage of

Lastly, get your goodie bag as one of the first things you do then you have somewhere to put all the freebies rather than trying to make them fit into your handbag



I will be planning next years show into my events calendar as one not to miss, even for the goodie bag alone the show is well worth the cost of the ticket plus what a great day out

I would love to know if you attended and if you have any other thoughts about the show and how your day was, let me know in the comments


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  1. Emma C
    13/06/2018 / 20:11

    Looks like a good day out and that goodie bag looks amazing!

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