Feeling The Heat With Urban Decay


With the recent change in the weather seasons and the wardrobe transitions, it’s time to think about make up transition too

I recently spent a week vacation in the beautiful Algarve in Portugal. While I was at the airport waiting to go to the departure gate, I couldn’t help but treat myself to a new make up from Duty Free

I was heading out to sun, sea and sand and despite already having a couple of my travel eye shadow palettes with me I found myself very drawn to one of the newest Urban Decay palettes which I yet had purchased for my collection, HEAT

Heat is perfectly presented in keeping with the rest of the Urban Decay palette designs, a long plastic palette encasing 12 shades, along with a double ended applicator brush for blending and crease detailing, and of course a full sized mirror in the lid

urban decay heat

HEAT Palette Colour Guide

Ounce (ivory shimmer)
Chaser (light nude matte)
Sauced (soft terra-cotta matte)
Low Blow (brown matte)
Lumbre (copper shimmer w/gold pearl shift)
He Devil (burnt red matte)
Dirty Talk (metallic burnt red)
Scorched (metallic deep red w/gold micro-shimmer)
Cayenne (deep terra-cotta matte)
En Fuego (burgundy matte)
Ashes (deep reddish-brown matte)
Ember (deep metallic copper-burgundy)


urban decay heat


The colours are warm and rich, they all have a velvety texture which makes application and blending easier along with the staying power once applied

A great mixture between matte and shimmer

Gives you the opportunity to play with the colours to transition your looks, go from Day to Night all with the one palette

This is going to be a firm favourite for me this Summer

The sultry colours are very complimentary on my skin before and after I got a tan

Such a great colour palette and has a glorious mix which I can use as day to day wear, as well as for more glamorous occasions


urban decay heat



I would 100% recommend this colour palette to anyone looking to enhance their Summer colour range this year

I have a light/medium skin tone and feel this works well with my features too

The cost of the palette is on the higher end retailing at £39.50

However, you are getting 12 different colours which include both matte and shimmer

You can shop for the palette here with Urban Decay in their online shop

Urban Decay are also a concession in a lot of high street department stores where you can swatch the colours for yourself

Bring on the Summer sun

Let me know what you think of the colour spectrum. Can you see this being something you would use or have you used it?

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Urban Decay Heat Palette


  1. Stephanie Clifford
    31/08/2018 / 01:39

    I love urban decay. The pallets are amazing!

  2. bev
    05/11/2018 / 09:02

    I love Urban Decay but haven’t seen this one – lovely autumn colours.

  3. julie f
    05/11/2018 / 11:59

    Love Urban Decay

  4. Margaret GALLAGHER
    05/11/2018 / 12:47

    Beautiful colours – loving this brand

  5. jasmine honeysuckle
    05/11/2018 / 12:57

    Wonderful shades

  6. Marycarol
    05/11/2018 / 15:07

    Fantastic pallet and great shades x

  7. Katie b
    05/11/2018 / 15:07

    Love urban Decay make up! The colours are so pretty

  8. Helen Tovell
    05/11/2018 / 16:04

    Great colour selection would be perfect for daughter

  9. Chloe Taylor
    05/11/2018 / 17:47

    Gorgeous colours! I do love these Urban Decay palettes xx

  10. sarah m
    06/11/2018 / 02:42

    Can’t beat an Urban Decay palette! Well worth the price x

  11. Elaine Skye
    06/11/2018 / 11:59

    Fabulous shades… I’d certainly use it!

  12. Jean Cassell
    06/11/2018 / 12:00

    Lovely warm autumn colours

  13. Carrie-Lou Talbot-Ashby
    06/11/2018 / 12:08

    The colours are perfect, love this. I also find Urban Decay last brilliantly while some other makes I have used slip off half way through the night! x

  14. Justine Meyer
    06/11/2018 / 17:42

    These colours look fab for the coming months

  15. Amy Bondoc
    07/11/2018 / 04:55

    omg in love with these colours

  16. Katrina Adams
    07/11/2018 / 09:50

    I love the Urban Decay palettes. They are always gorgeous, have great staying power and I just love the sets.

  17. kris mc
    07/11/2018 / 10:52

    These look amazing and are are the top of my crimbo list this year

  18. Alica
    07/11/2018 / 15:36

    Urban Decay is one of my favourites! I have a few of their palettes.

  19. Sarah B-H
    07/11/2018 / 20:42

    I absolutely love the Urban Decay palettes – I am just not talented enough with make up to use them!

  20. Shelley Jessup
    07/11/2018 / 22:17

    I love these shades, it really is the perfect one pallete that you need, no need to pack lots of eye shadows when travelling.

  21. Kathleen marsden
    09/11/2018 / 20:11

    These are the colours that suit my complexion so ideal for me

  22. Priscilla Stubbs
    10/11/2018 / 13:47

    I love Urban Decay palettes. The colours are stunning I think I’ll put this on my Christmas list

  23. kate tibbs
    10/11/2018 / 14:19

    never used urban decay before but after reading your blog and seeing the fab colours really want to try now x

  24. Louise Reeks
    10/11/2018 / 14:54

    love urban decay products

  25. Laura Milton
    10/11/2018 / 15:55

    Everyone loves Urban Decay their products are the best!

  26. Tanya
    12/11/2018 / 13:09

    Just Urban Decay

  27. emma g
    12/11/2018 / 14:48

    Beautiful colours and the mix of matt and shimmer are great!

  28. Lorna Ledger
    12/11/2018 / 18:02

    Gorgeous! Love the colours, would suit all eye shades, a good quality product that lasts ages!

  29. Lisa Hall
    12/11/2018 / 22:22

    My daughter would love those shades!!!

  30. 13/11/2018 / 12:18

    I’m a huge Urban Decay fan. This looks like the perfect Summer palette

  31. lesley renshaw
    14/11/2018 / 10:13

    I do like their colour selection. It;s nice to have a change so would like to try these x

  32. Jessica Leigh
    20/11/2018 / 19:27

    I NEED to try this palette! I haven’t yet tried urban decay because I didn’t know it was worth the money. I definitely love this review and will be purchasing soon!

  33. Laura Wheatley
    25/11/2018 / 13:44

    I LOVE Urban Decay. Ive not been able to afford any in a while but may treat myself after xmas

  34. Keith Hunt
    26/11/2018 / 15:45

    A nice set for my teen to start out with a good brand

  35. Fiona jk42
    29/11/2018 / 15:14

    My daughter loves Urban Decay palettes, but I’m afraid I’m not a fan of palettes as I always seem to only use a couple of the colours – perhaps because I don’t really experiment with make-up anymore but stick to what I know suits me.

  36. paula cheadle
    15/12/2018 / 11:26

    wonderful shades

  37. Kirsteen Mackay
    15/12/2018 / 12:50

    I love Urban Decay and this palette is stunning.

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