Injecting Some Easter Vibes into Your Look

The season of chocolate and bunnies is so nearly upon us – hooray! Believe it or not, there’s a lot of fashion inspiration you can take from Easter; and no, it doesn’t involve dressing as an egg.

Here are our top tips for injecting some happy Easter style into your look.

Easter-inspired fashion tips

  • Act natural. Remember that Easter (or Eostre) was actually a pagan fertility and nature goddess; so you could choose to embrace this aspect of the festive day. Think gorgeously floaty maxi-dresses, ethereal neck-scarves and drifting blouses; combined with a make-up palette of earthy browns and shimmering golds.


  • Chocolatey sweet. This doesn’t involve dressing head-to-toe in brown; but instead, incorporating the warm richness of chocolate at its best. For example, chocolate-brown leather biker jackets, knee-high dark suede boots or a brown velvet skirt. If it’s rich, smooth and sexy, then it’s perfect for this time of year.


  • Pastel pretty. Even if you’re not one to embrace pastels, there is a place for them in every wardrobe. The good news is, you don’t need to go over-the-top to get a fresh, spring-like look. A mint-green headscarf adds a touch of pastel, as does a pale yellow maxi-skirt. If you’re worried about getting too saccharine, toughen it up with some leather or denim.


  • Floral freshness. Easter is always associated with rebirth and growth, which is why we give one another eggs. Wear a fragrance that’s full of floral ingredients, like jasmine blossom, rose or violet. Copycat Fragrances is a good place to search for inspiration. Clothes-wise, daisy-patterned tops and dresses are very on-trend right now, as are floral patterned shirts and tops.


  • Sunshine colours. We all hope that, come Easter, the sun will be shining. Even if it isn’t, you can incorporate some summery colours into your wardrobe for a bit of welcome brightness. Don’t be afraid to wear bold, bright shades – like daffodil-yellow t-shirts, vibrant red trousers or burnt orange lipstick. If it’s invigorating and lively, it’ll do perfectly.


  • Get glittery! Don’t you just love looking at Easter eggs in the shops, and the way their foil wrapping shines under the lights? You can take inspiration from this, by incorporating a bit of glitter into your look. You don’t have to go overboard; even a shimmery eyeshadow or sparkly nail polish will provide the gleam you’re looking for. However, if you want to venture out in a sequined jumpsuit, you go for it.


  • Go for the wide-eyed bunny look. Putting on a pair of rabbit ears and a furry tail is a bit literal here. We’re talking about inspiration from the sex-sirens of the sixties, with their blown-out, backcombed hair, mini-skirts and huge, false lashes. Talk about rabbit in the headlights!

Get playful!

Easter’s a fun time of year for everyone; and even if you’re not a fan, you’ll probably still love the fact that spring is in the air. Experiment with your look and introduce some colour and movement to your wardrobe – but above all, enjoy yourself!

*this is a collaborative post 


  1. Margaret GALLAGHER
    30/03/2019 / 19:36

    Love this – makes me feel vibrant and confident

  2. Caroline Tinsley
    08/04/2019 / 13:43

    Out of these looks I think pastels seem most Easter-y to me.

  3. Jeanette Leighton
    14/04/2019 / 11:21

    Good article, I Easter we need to consider elasticated waistbands into fashion after eating all them eggs Haha 😂😂

  4. Tess D
    14/04/2019 / 14:34

    some great ideas for inspiration here x

  5. Jayne Townson
    14/04/2019 / 15:36

    Some great ideas here, I really like the Floral freshness. one, thanks for these.

  6. Jeanette leighton
    15/09/2019 / 17:53

    Some good ideas I’m not great with clothes and tend to go with black a lot

  7. Anthea Holloway
    17/04/2020 / 15:28

    I love these ideas and so relevant to the season – flowers, easter eggs glimmering etc. Thank you so much.

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