By Terry Cellularose Skin Care

In my Baume de Rose post I said I bought a load of goodies in their sale, and I have been using the By Terry cellularose skin care products since

Their sale was the best I have ever seen and I really did splurge, with 70% off I treated myself to quite a bit

By Terry is more of a luxury brand which I rarely buy. It has been great to get my hands on their products. More importantly for me was to test their skincare range as I have heard so many good things

The baume de rose didn’t disappoint and thought I would let you know about the skincare too

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Micellar Water Cleanser

Let me just start by saying it smells amazing. Like beautiful roses

I wouldn’t have ever said I enjoyed the smell of rose products until I first tried this By Terry range

The product is gentle and refreshing. Cleaning more stubborn dark liquid eyeliner off with ease and no irritation either, which was great

Apart from the price tag coming in at £44 a bottle, I can not fault this cleanser

Cleansing Oil

I haven’t ever used an oil as part of my skincare before but I thought I would try this one

I can not explain the smell, once again it is gorgeous. Saying it smells like roses probably doesn’t do it justice either as it isn’t in my opinion what I expect a rose product to smell like

Once I had cleanser I applied a few drops of the oil on to a cotton pad and wiped generously over my face

Then washed it off with warm water. The did find it a little stubborn to rinse off though but not at all un-pleasant

You can use this to remove your make up as well. I didn’t find it as good at removing the heavy eyeliner and mascara, the micellar water was better at that




Hydra Toner

I have been using this toner after the cleansing oil

The aim is to tighten and tone the skin using rose infused water. Rose infused water is to refresh and plump the skin leaving it feels hydrated

Calling this a luxurious toner probably doesn’t do it justice, as it is instant luxury on the skin. A small amount goes a long way and it gives a delicate softness to your skin too

The gorgeous rose smell lingers on your skin and I absolutely love it

Again the price tag is pretty steep in my opinion, at £36 for a 200ml bottle


Out of all three By Terry Cellularose skin care products I used, the Micellar water is my favourite

I am delighted I bought them and got to try them out

The price of the product are not what I would usually spend hence me buying them in the sale. The full price I would never pay for any of them but I will keep my eyes open for the next sale to get a few more bits

Shop the By Terry range

Let me know your thoughts on By Terry skincare, is it something you have ever used?

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  1. Priscilla Stubbs
    03/10/2020 / 10:07

    I cleanse, tone and moisturise every evening and moisturise again in the morning

  2. Sheena Batey
    03/10/2020 / 10:43


  3. Jo Dawkins
    03/10/2020 / 11:31

    Not the best 🙈. I generally just use a face wash and moisturiser.

  4. Bryan Murphy
    03/10/2020 / 12:36

    I just moisturise every nighy

  5. Charlotte isobelle
    03/10/2020 / 13:22

    I struggle at the min as I have a newborn but I’d love to get in a routine again

  6. Angela Treadway
    03/10/2020 / 18:42

    my skin is fairly oily so to honest just cleanse. when i moisturise i break out! x

  7. Fiona jk42
    03/10/2020 / 22:49

    I use a face wash morning and night. In the morning I use facial oil and mosituriser, and in the evening serum and night cream.

    • Wotawoman
      06/11/2020 / 10:55

      Hi Fiona, can you please check your emails. I have sent you a couple which I need your response to x

  8. Laura Pritchard
    04/10/2020 / 14:04

    Literally just moisturising with night cream!

  9. Tony Martin
    05/10/2020 / 00:02

    very basic facial wash and moisturise to try to avoid dry skin issues and keep face feeling fresh.

  10. Ruth Harwood
    06/10/2020 / 06:19

    Simple facewash, eye cream and moisturiser xx

  11. Caroline Tinsley
    06/10/2020 / 14:16

    I cleanse with micellar water, tone with rose water, apply a rich moisturiser to my nose where it gets flaky and then an oil-free moisturiser to the rest of my face and neck.

  12. Lucinda P
    06/10/2020 / 18:57

    My skincare routine is pretty basic, wash my face with soap and water, then I use E45 lotion moisturiser

  13. ashleigh allan
    06/10/2020 / 19:50

    Cleanse and moisturise!

  14. Jenny McClinton
    06/10/2020 / 20:34

    At the moment I just moisturise in the morning, but I do need to start cleansing but never know the best products to try. This sounds like a great product to try.

  15. Megan Kinsey
    06/10/2020 / 21:21

    I do a double cleanse with coconut oil to remove make up, then a foaming fash wash, followed by toner, eye cream and facial oil.

  16. Carole Nott
    06/10/2020 / 22:47

    Cleanse and moisturise am and pm

  17. Nicola Godfrey
    06/10/2020 / 22:55

    I’m just starting to use skincare products after a long battle with ache.

  18. michelle o'neill
    07/10/2020 / 06:02

    I just moisturise every night and morning

  19. Helen Arlow
    07/10/2020 / 07:05

    I cleanse and tone twice a day, moisturise every morning and use an eye cream at night x

  20. Fiona K
    07/10/2020 / 07:12

    I use a day cream and night moisturiser

  21. Katrina Adams
    07/10/2020 / 09:48

    My usual skincare routine is sporadic :O but I’m trying to get better. Currently when I’m following it, is to cleanse, followed by toner and Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant (currently only in the evenings) and moisturise. In the evenings I do have a night balm as well. I use an exfoliating face mask 1-2 a week as well.

  22. Laura Stabler
    07/10/2020 / 11:27

    I use Micellar water to cleanse every morning and evening and use a combination of foam cleaners and moisturizers to keep my skin looking healthy.

  23. Jenny A
    07/10/2020 / 14:17

    I’m a cleanse, tone and moisturise girl.

  24. Helen Tovell
    07/10/2020 / 14:33

    I just use a face wipe twice a day and spf i the summer

  25. dave johnston
    07/10/2020 / 16:25


    07/10/2020 / 18:27

    I use a facial wash and then moisturise. Occasionally I’ll use a facemask.

  27. Natasha Whenham
    08/10/2020 / 11:29

    Fairly basic but I’m lucky to have good skin. I cleanse with micellar water daily and use a moisturiser morning and night.

  28. Sally Collingwood
    09/10/2020 / 06:08

    I use a face wash nightly

  29. Rich Tyler
    09/10/2020 / 10:15

    I moisturise twice a day, for my dry skin

  30. Emma England
    10/10/2020 / 05:58

    Cleanse, moisturise day and night and I use an eye cream too. Every now and then I use a face mask.

  31. 10/10/2020 / 15:30

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  32. Kelly Roxanne Smith
    10/10/2020 / 16:32

    I use foam wash, toner, moisturiser day and night thanks ❤️

  33. Fiona Martin
    11/10/2020 / 11:18

    Facewash, weekly scrub, tone, serum, moisturise

  34. adrian price
    11/10/2020 / 15:03

    Being a typical bloke —not a lot

  35. Susan Willshee
    11/10/2020 / 19:54

    I try lots of different cleansers, toners and creams. I tend to initially think that they are having a good effect but then about halfway through the bottle I think it’s time for a change

  36. Rebecca Walker
    12/10/2020 / 22:10


  37. Laura Atkin
    13/10/2020 / 00:07

    Micellar Water to cleanse, followed by cream cleanser, Pixi Glow Tonic, followed by either an overnight face mask or normal night moisturiser 😊

  38. Alison Johnson
    16/10/2020 / 19:39

    I cleanse my face every day & use Body Shop Drops of youth Concentrate serum. At night I use Biore baking soda cleansing micellar water on my face & neck.

  39. Michelle Smith
    17/10/2020 / 11:17

    Cleanser, toner, serum, eyecream, moisturiser

  40. Lorraine Devlin
    17/10/2020 / 21:11

    I clense, tone moisturiser moisturise every morning and evening. I use sunscreen most days too.

  41. justine meyer
    21/10/2020 / 18:12

    I don’t have a routine as such I just cleanse night and day

  42. Meg
    25/10/2020 / 16:13

    Cleanse, tone and moisturise! Also, I make sure to take an spf everywhere I go. 😊

    Amazing giveaway!!!

    Good luck everyone! 🤞🤞


  43. betsy ferguson
    25/10/2020 / 22:21

    I cleanse, tone and moisturise – but, some times I am a bit sloppy with it x

  44. maria
    26/10/2020 / 20:49

    cleanse tone moisturise and I always do a face mask twice a week

  45. Gaynor Vincent
    27/10/2020 / 07:31

    i love my moisteriser with in built spf

  46. Kayleigh Pallister
    28/10/2020 / 17:09


  47. J-F Matcham
    28/10/2020 / 23:01

    I cleanse, tone, moisturiseand use serum twice a day every day, I exfoliate and use a face mask every week. I use sunblock everyday all year round.

  48. Tracy Newton
    29/10/2020 / 05:35

    On a morning I use a face wash in the shower followed by moisturiser and eye cream

  49. Jennifer Rhymer
    30/10/2020 / 00:55

    I cleanse & moisturise every morning and remove all my make up every night with a wipe for quickness as I’m usually tired x

  50. Kim M
    30/10/2020 / 15:41

    Just moisturise after a wash with plain water – have to be careful with my eczema x

  51. Sheri Darby
    30/10/2020 / 17:06

    Cleans, tone and moistrurise

  52. Maria Jane Knight
    30/10/2020 / 21:19

    I moisture every morning….thats about as good as it gets at the moment!!!

  53. Gemma Massey
    31/10/2020 / 00:35

    I cleanse, tone, oil, serum, eye cream, moisturise and double cleanse on an evening x

  54. Natalie Crossan
    31/10/2020 / 00:36

    Cleanse tone and moisturise twice daily!

  55. Amy bondoc
    31/10/2020 / 03:29

    Cleanse and moisturise! Once a week i use oils at night and a mask once a month

  56. Mel Pennie
    31/10/2020 / 08:43

    Morning – Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise
    Evening – Makeup off with baby wipes, facial wash, moisturise

  57. denise s
    31/10/2020 / 08:51

    facewash in the morning and nightly moisturiser

  58. Susan B
    31/10/2020 / 10:05

    I cleanse with product and water once a day and cleanse with micellar water once a day. Follow that with serum and moisturiser.

  59. Jeanette Leighton
    31/10/2020 / 11:42

    Just cleanse , and moisturiser sometimes I use face masks

  60. Sandra Fortune
    31/10/2020 / 12:53

    I cleaned with face wipes I never use soap on my face I find it makes my skin dry. I use a good hydrating day and night cream and under eye serum morning and night

  61. fiona d
    31/10/2020 / 15:03

    Soap & glory face wash followed by moisturiser

  62. Stephanie
    31/10/2020 / 15:31

    Face wipes and moisturiser

  63. Tracy B
    31/10/2020 / 19:34

    Cleanse and moisturise twice a day

  64. Meryl Thomas
    31/10/2020 / 20:57

    In the morning – moisurise
    In the evening – cleanse and moisurise

  65. Tammy Neal
    31/10/2020 / 21:28

    Daily moisturise x

  66. Sam Parkes
    31/10/2020 / 22:03

    Cleanse, tone and moisturise. Once a week I use a face mask

    31/10/2020 / 22:19


  68. Jacqueline Jackson
    31/10/2020 / 23:07

    I double cleanse to remove make up and dirt with a balm, I then tone, mist, serum, moisturise , then eye cream. Skincare is life to me lol

  69. Tee Simpson
    31/10/2020 / 23:17

    I have a basic routine. I wash with face cleanser and water then pat dry and moisturise.

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