5 Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Good In Winter

Living with the autumn vibes right now, meaning cooler weather

This ultimately will mean you skin will be reacting differently on a day to day basis compared to summer months

Do you know how to keep your skin in good condition in the winter?

I thought it would be a good idea to bring you some to the best skin care beauty hacks for winter so you can prepare

Here are 5 tips to keep your skin in good condition this winter



Sad but true, the harsh weather will cause your skin to dry up and go flakey

Not a look I am happy with, especially when it happens to my face

Investing in a exfoliating scrub will be ideal to keep your natural glow, rather than a dry course looking skin

The skin on your face is different to the skin on your body, make sure you are not using one which is too harsh as this can cause breakouts



Similar to the way your face reacts to the cold weather, so will your lips

Keeping a lip balm in your bag will serve its purpose, and you will thank me later that I reminded you to pop it in there now, before you forget

If you do find you are waking up with chapped lips or you are getting dry lips, putting a cool tea bag on themwill help sooth and heal them

Keeping your lips exfoliated is also a good idea, mixing a tiny bit of brown sugar and honey together and gently exfoliate your lips with your finger

Avoid licking your lips when they feel dry, this is not helpful. It actually leaves your lips dryer than before as the saliva will quickly evaporate



Make the most of any rehydrating opportunities, slather your skin after every bath or shower

It is definitely worth keeping a moisturiser in your bag as well as a hand cream

You could consider using a moisturising oil instead of a cream, an oil is lighter and you have less chance of it clogging pores

Your feet and the soles of your feet might become dry and cracked, cover them in moisturiser and wear socks to bed

I love a sheet mask on my face. There are so many varieties and types to sooth and heal or just relax you, a great way to pamper at home and makes the application easier

There are always new brands and products launched, keep an eye on social media and see what your favourite influencers are using

If you do suffer with dry and flakey skin take an oat bath, oats are fantastic for the skin. Just add a cup full to your bath and let it work its magic


Make Up

If your skin is feeling dry and irritated and you can go a day without make up, do it. Give your skin a break

You can layer products on your face, moisturise, use a primer and a liquid foundation rather than a cream

This will make the application easier plus wont highlight any breakouts you might have



This is all year round really but making sure you keep up your water in take in winter is as important as summer

Your body will still need to keep hydrated, as will your skin

If you have a humidifier or the mean to invest in one, this is a great device for your home to add some moisture into the cold, dry air

Which will all help to keep your skin and body hydrated

Do you have any top beauty hacks  you swear by for over the colder months? Let me know so I can give them a try

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5 Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Good In Winter

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