Advent Calendars I Am Loving For 2018

It is rapidly approaching that time of the year

Christmas is in sight and I am really looking forward to all the festivities lined up

I know we have Halloween to get over first but, advent calendars have been released and there are some really exciting ones to look out for

Naturally I am being pulled to the beauty advent calendars, check out this one from Jo Malone


jo malone advent calendar 2018

It contains 24 mini drawers of luxe Jo Malone products, from candles to colognes and all the classics

Available to buy from the 01st October

look fantastic advent calendar 2018

A must have beauty calendar for the party season is this one from Lookfantastic

It is bursting with 24 fantastic brands which the products on their own retail at £300

However, you can buy this for just £79 from the 01st October

Next on my list is the one and only Elemis

Advent Calendars I Am Loving In 2018

This calendar is tipped to sell out really fast

Containing a full sized Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and 24 other mini’s to indulge in

Selling for £150 but retail value of the enclosed products will be £345. Which is a huge saving if like me and you love your Elemis skin care products

Available for sale from the beginning of October


chocolat advent calendar 2018

In true Hotel Chocolat form I present to you the Grand Advent

24 doors with new chocolates behind each

Some of the flavours include Salted Caramel Vodka, macadamia and coconut snowballs and so much more

One to really look forward to if you are a chocolate fan but

Will be selling for £68 and available now but wont be shipped until 02nd OctoberThorntons Rituals-Advent-2018

If you are wanting to indulge in a tasty chocolate treat each day for only £12 you can enjoy this Thorntons Rituals Calendar

Still offering 24 tongue tingling flavours

Will consist of dark, milk and white chocolate and have flavours such as marzipan and fruit

yankee candle advent 2018

If you are feeling Autumnal and like having candles burning in the evening, this might be more your thing

Yankee Candle’s advent calendar will give you up to 144 hours of burning time

24 lovely scented candles to choose from

Let me know what advent calendar you usually choose for yourself if any?


With all the festivity that I am feeling right now, I thought it would be nice to host a giveaway

I am giving away this Yankee Candle to one winner, see the prize here 

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar Giveaway


Terms and Conditions

1. Competition ends 15/11/18
2. There will be 1 winner chosen at random
3. Incomplete entries with be disqualified
4. UK entries only

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  1. Alica
    27/09/2018 / 08:18

    I am usually a chocolate advent kinda girl but last year I I was lucky enough to win a L’occitane calendar and loved that one!

  2. Rachel
    27/09/2018 / 08:36

    Fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner 🍀

  3. Margaret Gallagher
    27/09/2018 / 08:37

    Always look for something that will bring joy to each days – Yankee candle advent is perfect

  4. Tracey Hallmark
    27/09/2018 / 09:29

    I’m drawn to the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar this year you get a lot for your money and some truly great daily surprise s, thanks for the giveaway it’s much appreciated x

  5. Fay
    27/09/2018 / 11:41

    I usually have a cheap chocolate advent calendar, lol

  6. Margaret Clarkson
    27/09/2018 / 11:47

    I usually have a chocolate one bought for me but I would love one of these.

  7. lesley renshaw
    27/09/2018 / 13:33

    My Dad passed away 2 years ago so I use a candle advent calendar. I light a candle ever night to the run up to Christmas which represents him still being her in some way. Christmas can be a difficult time when you’ve lost someone close but somehow this seems to comfort me in someway x

  8. cullmac
    27/09/2018 / 13:52

    Would be better then my cheap chocie one!

  9. Annabel Greaves
    27/09/2018 / 14:12

    I love a make-up advent calendar x

  10. 27/09/2018 / 14:25

    usually chocolate, but I have had cosmetics before.

  11. Victoria Sparrow
    27/09/2018 / 14:48

    We have an old wooden Christmas tree calendar we refill each year for the kids. Would be nice to have my own 🙂

  12. Sue McCarthy
    27/09/2018 / 15:02

    I don’t do advent calendars anymore, wouldn’t be able to afford one of the expensive ones. But in the past I just liked a traditional one with the pictures behind the doors (difficult to get these days).

  13. Karen hutchinson
    27/09/2018 / 15:54

    I don’t usually have one – my son has a Lego one .

  14. Geri Gregg
    27/09/2018 / 16:40

    I usually go for a chocolate advent calendar or a beauty one x

  15. Jayne Wilson
    27/09/2018 / 17:22

    This is gorgeous, if lucky enough to win I would gift it to my daughter because she loves Yankee candles

  16. Andrea Fletcher
    27/09/2018 / 17:47

    I don’t usually have an advent calendar so this would be brilliant.

  17. Ellen Sheppard
    27/09/2018 / 18:45

    I generally don’t have the spare cash for anything other than a Malteaser advent calendar for myself but I would love the Look Fantastic one 🙂

  18. Ellen Stafford
    27/09/2018 / 19:29

    Last year I had the Yankee book calendar and loved it. I usually have a chocolate one. My niece wants a make up one this year. I would love another yankee one again x

  19. 27/09/2018 / 19:44

    I usually have a chocolate but I’ve had a cosmetics one before xx

  20. Corinne Wright
    27/09/2018 / 20:15

    It’s normally a chocolate one for me although I did get a make up one last year but it was so disappointing. A Yankee one would be amazing 😊

  21. Sharon jones
    27/09/2018 / 20:20

    Wilko beauty calendar

  22. Sharon Saunders
    27/09/2018 / 21:01

    If I’m honest – I haven’t had an advent calendar for the last couple of years but I’m looking forward to treating myself this year!

  23. andrea tinkler
    27/09/2018 / 21:46

    I love how advent calendars are progressing and not just chocolates anymore. I like the adult calendars and it is a great way to treat yourself everyday in the run up to Christmas xx

  24. Jodie Cook
    27/09/2018 / 23:27

    I normally choose wax melts, candle or bath bomb advent calendar for myself

  25. Sarah Summers
    27/09/2018 / 23:31

    I never get an advent the kids always have there chocolate ones so would love one for my self 😊

  26. Amy Bondoc
    28/09/2018 / 05:02

    im pretty boring and go for a basic chocolate one x

  27. Michelle Henderson
    28/09/2018 / 06:54

    I would normally pick a chocolate advent but would love to try one of the beauty or candle advents

  28. clair downham
    28/09/2018 / 12:43

    chocolate but would love a perfume or candle one

  29. Sheena Batey
    28/09/2018 / 12:55

    A glittery, snowy traditional Christmas scene with no goodies just pictures

  30. Eileen Sumner
    28/09/2018 / 17:57

    Love beauty calendars such as L’occitane

  31. Iona Cornish
    28/09/2018 / 19:44

    I went for a mni make up one last year, that was fun (and better for my figure than a chocolate one!)

  32. Laura Turner
    28/09/2018 / 20:26

    I like the old fashioned style with pictures and glitter.

  33. Jade Hewlett
    29/09/2018 / 10:53

    I usually have a standard chocolate advent calendar but I’d love to get a beauty (or Lego!) one one day as they look great.

  34. Carol Frosdick
    29/09/2018 / 13:47

    Yankee Advent calendar would be wonderful giving the compliments of the season.

  35. Shan G
    29/09/2018 / 13:51

    I usually go for a Past Times style one and have a box of my favourite mint choccies on the side to help myself to each day.

  36. Priscilla Stubbs
    29/09/2018 / 18:19

    I like the traditional Advents but would like to try something a little different. This Yankee Candle Advent would be lovely to try

  37. Lorna Ledger
    29/09/2018 / 18:34

    I like chocolate ones, but if I had the spare pennies, I would love a luxury beauty one!

  38. Jayne Townson
    29/09/2018 / 21:15

    I’ve never actually had one, as any spare money is spent on my children, but they look really good and if I could buy one I would choose either a beauty one or a candle one. Thanks for this lovely giveaway.

  39. Solange
    30/09/2018 / 02:04

    I typically choose a chocolate advent calendar.

  40. Laura Lee
    30/09/2018 / 12:19

    Normally I am too busy buying for my 3 boys, hubby and now this year dog that I actually forget about myself. These look amazing though thanks for the chance

  41. Paul Sahl
    30/09/2018 / 13:42

    Normally a chocolate one for our son and Little craft treats for my wife.

  42. Rebecca Cusick
    30/09/2018 / 19:43

    I’m greedy and I have more than one! Normally choccy, a beauty one & then whatever else catches my eye. Like this!! Haha fingers crossed xx

  43. Danielle Spencer
    30/09/2018 / 20:08

    My parents often treat me to a chocolate advent calendar even though I don’t live with them! I would love a Yankee Candle one or beauty one, one day.

  44. betsy ferguson
    30/09/2018 / 20:43

    I look out for the bodyshop one, full of my favourite products – but, i like the chocolate ones, too xx

  45. Kay Broomfield
    30/09/2018 / 21:33

    I’ve had the Molton Brown calendar (which was expensive but the products lasted all year!) and the You Beauty Discovery advent which was amazing!

  46. janine wainwright
    01/10/2018 / 07:56

    fabulous prize would love to be your winner x

  47. Suzanne Gaulton
    01/10/2018 / 09:07

    I don’t usually treat myself to one, but buy the kids a nice one like Lego etc – so to win this would be amazing!

  48. Laura Banks
    01/10/2018 / 18:52

    i usually have chocolate

  49. Lisa Hall
    01/10/2018 / 21:41

    I don’t usually have one as I won’t buy my own, hubby will occasionally get me a chocolate one

  50. Nuala R
    01/10/2018 / 23:19

    Last year I had a nice advent calendar with earrings in but if I was choosing from the above I would probably try the Beauty Box Elemis

  51. Hayley Colburn
    02/10/2018 / 00:53

    usually just chocolate but am loving the look of some of the newer kind, especially the make up and fragrance ones

  52. Sadie Coffin
    03/10/2018 / 14:23

    I love candles so would probably go with the Yankee candle anyway

  53. Nicola Farrel
    03/10/2018 / 20:43

    We normally stick to chocolate 😋

  54. Jennifer Toal
    04/10/2018 / 06:50

    Chocolate because it’s cheaer one of these would be a treat

  55. Charlotte Hughes
    04/10/2018 / 08:43

    These might actually be able to tempt me away from chocolate! I’m trying to slim down for my wedding so trying to resist the tasty treats this year!

  56. Sarah kochan
    05/10/2018 / 14:53

    I love all advent calendars 🙈

  57. Amy Denney
    06/10/2018 / 06:22

    I normally go for a chocolate Lindt lindor one or whatever is on offer x

  58. Rachel Butterworth
    06/10/2018 / 15:44

    Just a traditional chocolate one.

  59. Angela Muir
    06/10/2018 / 22:04

    Always a Fairtrade calendar

  60. Jo F
    07/10/2018 / 19:38

    I don’t usually have an advent calendar but my children always have the chocolate ones

  61. Jennifer Lince
    08/10/2018 / 13:51

    My girls normally get chocolate ones and I don’t usually get anything for me and the other half but this year I might treat us to something

  62. ValB
    09/10/2018 / 20:39

    Chocolate for the children but I dont usually have one for myself so this would be a treat

  63. Marycarol
    09/10/2018 / 20:47

    A chocolate one preferably a malteser one x

  64. Caitlin Barnard
    09/10/2018 / 21:11

    This was a cool post 🙂 I love xmas!

    09/10/2018 / 21:34

    Love this, will be lovely for a Christmas treat !

  66. Tracy Nixon
    10/10/2018 / 04:29

    I buy a Yankee Candle advent every year!

  67. Janette
    10/10/2018 / 06:30

    I don’t usually have one.

  68. chelsey hollings
    10/10/2018 / 08:21

    I tend to go for Chocolate x

  69. Nicola Marshall
    10/10/2018 / 08:43

    I usually just have a chocolate one.

  70. julie f
    10/10/2018 / 08:56

    I don’t have one for myself just buy them for my grandchildren

  71. claire w
    10/10/2018 / 09:12

    I usually get chocolate ones for my family but i think this is wonderful!

  72. Sarah Ann
    10/10/2018 / 10:10

    I can’t resist a good chocolate advent!

  73. Helen B
    10/10/2018 / 10:22

    On the rare occasion I buy an advent calendar it will always be chocolate 🙂

  74. Sophie Dolan
    10/10/2018 / 10:57

    I love all advent calendars but i would have to say I’m a sucker for chocolate!

  75. Jo Heath
    10/10/2018 / 11:37

    Usually chocolate, but the candle and makeup ones look fabulous

  76. Rich Tyler
    10/10/2018 / 11:47

    Normally just chocolate!

  77. Jo Richards
    10/10/2018 / 12:08

    If I get an advent calendar I always choose the Yankee ones as I collect Yankee Candles

  78. Helen Tovell
    10/10/2018 / 13:28

    A cadburys chocolate one

  79. Jane Webb
    10/10/2018 / 13:53

    Thanks for these recommendations, they all look fabulous!

  80. Brian Stabler
    10/10/2018 / 14:20

    Gotta be chocolate for me. I would buy a cider advent calendar, but they don’t do one!!

  81. nicola dean
    10/10/2018 / 14:22

    I never buy myself advent calendars as they are usually expensive.

  82. Rhia
    10/10/2018 / 18:20

    Awww, I haven’t had an advent calendar for years and I feel like I’m missing out. Especially now there’s so many lush, sophisticated grown up versions. I do love chocolate…but maybe a lush candle version would be better from a calorie point of view 😉

  83. Emily rixon
    11/10/2018 / 13:04

    The hotel chocolat one looks so great, but I adore lighting candles on cosy evenings

  84. Sarah Mcknight
    11/10/2018 / 15:50

    I usually pick chocolate type calender’s.

  85. Alana Walker
    11/10/2018 / 16:59

    Usually just a chocolate one but I was lucky enough to receive a Ciate nail varnish one a few years ago.x

  86. Tina H
    11/10/2018 / 19:16

    I’ve only ever had a cheap choccy one. I’d love a beauty or candle one .

  87. Tayla Courtice
    11/10/2018 / 19:58

    I’ve wanted the yankee one for years!

  88. Helen Thurston
    11/10/2018 / 20:11

    I’ve not had an advent calendar for a few years – but my daughters usually share their chocolate ones with me.

  89. Tracy Newton
    12/10/2018 / 09:05

    This year I have asked for a beauty advent calendar. Last year I really enjoyed my candle advent calendar.

  90. Louise Smith
    12/10/2018 / 18:43

    I always have a Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

  91. Dawn F
    13/10/2018 / 14:17

    I usually chose a Cadbury’s chocolate advent for my husband and I to share.

  92. 13/10/2018 / 15:45

    I love the look of the Lookfantastic advent calendar as it’s full of lovely little miniatures from different brands.

  93. rebecca smith
    14/10/2018 / 06:13

    I usually just got for a chocolate advent calendar

  94. Jackie Howell
    14/10/2018 / 11:07

    I haven’t had one for myself for years, love to win.

  95. Carole Nott
    14/10/2018 / 11:16

    would love to win this – i usually only have chocolate calendars

  96. Jeremy Tunnard
    14/10/2018 / 11:31

    Great prize, my wife would love this

  97. Debbie Winstanley
    14/10/2018 / 11:49

    I have only ever bought chocolate ones for the children and an advent candle to light each evening. I’d love a beauty or candle one but can’t justify the cost so close to Christmas- not until the children leave home anyway!

    14/10/2018 / 11:52

    I usually select Cadburys Dairy Milk calendars for the grandchildren but dont usually get one for myself, so this would be fabulous.

  99. Helen Tyler
    14/10/2018 / 11:53

    I usually go for chocolate advent calendars but as I’m on a diet at the moment I’m looking out for alternatives. I love candles so a Yankee Candle one is top of my list!

  100. Susan Elai Kelly Carter
    14/10/2018 / 11:54

    Chocolates for the little ones and You Mail Beauty Advent Calender for me.

    14/10/2018 / 12:06

    We usually have 3 advent calenders (all chocolate) 1 for my youngest, 1 for my eldest and 1 for my husband as he is the biggest kid i know lol.

  102. Stacy L
    14/10/2018 / 12:22

    Brilliant giveaway, would love to win 🙂 I usually just have one from the poundshop!

  103. Tiffeny Brown
    14/10/2018 / 12:38

    I usually choose a chocolate advent calendar, so I think it’s time for a change 🙂 x

  104. Karen Tranmer
    14/10/2018 / 13:56

    a simple chocolate one, although I love and always use candles

  105. Chloe Taylor
    14/10/2018 / 15:35

    I love a Maltesers chocolate calendar, or The Body Shop advent calendars are also fab with the lovely christmas products.

  106. Justine Meyer
    14/10/2018 / 15:53

    I generally choose a nice fancy chocolte one x

  107. Diane Carey
    14/10/2018 / 17:34

    I’ve only ever bought my 2 daughters chocolate advent calendars

  108. Fiona Johnstone
    14/10/2018 / 18:47

    I usually buy the chocolate ones. But my children are a bit older now. Maybe it;s time to buy myself one. This would be lovely.

  109. Kim Coate
    14/10/2018 / 18:51

    I love a chocolate calendar

  110. Caroline h
    14/10/2018 / 20:19

    Fingers xd to be the lucky winner really hope I can do it!!

  111. Claire Hennighan
    14/10/2018 / 20:25

    Some really gorgeous calendars here!

  112. Kirsty Fox
    14/10/2018 / 22:07

    I usually go for chocolate calendars.

  113. Jayne Roberts
    15/10/2018 / 07:52

    I don’t normally have an advent calendar but I’m loving the jo Malone one!!!!

  114. bev
    15/10/2018 / 08:17

    Normally chocolate although last year I chose a tsum Tsum calendar.

  115. iain maciver
    15/10/2018 / 10:30

    usually a chocolate one

  116. Emma Nixon
    15/10/2018 / 10:55

    Chocolate. Last year i treated myself to a hotel chocolat one. It was tasty. Fancy trying something different this year.

  117. Mrs Gemma Huelin
    15/10/2018 / 12:20

    I usually go for a chocolate lindt one x

    15/10/2018 / 13:34

    For me i normally get a Thorntons chocolate advent calendar

  119. Claire Nutman
    15/10/2018 / 13:34

    Ive never actually had one….many thanks x

  120. Nicola S
    15/10/2018 / 13:49

    I usually just get a wee chocolate one but last year I bought a beauty one. It felt much more special!

  121. Lucy Heath
    15/10/2018 / 14:15

    Usually chocolate so this would be a treat

  122. Julie Howarth
    15/10/2018 / 14:36

    Usually a chocolate one, fantastic prize!

  123. kelly wheelhouse
    15/10/2018 / 16:38

    I normally go for the lego advent calendars! they are so awesome!

  124. Priscilla Stubbs
    15/10/2018 / 17:30

    I have only ever had chocolate Advent calendars and this Yankee Candle Advent calendar would be a real treat

  125. Alison
    15/10/2018 / 18:08

    Usually chocolate for my son but tempted to splash out on beauty one this year

  126. Tracy Newton
    15/10/2018 / 18:23

    I love a beauty advent calendar. This year I have bought my husband a craft beer one

  127. Chris Andrews
    15/10/2018 / 18:49

    Let me know what advent calendar you typically choose . . .. . .l don’t usually choose a grown up one, l’ll make an exception though for this, l usually just get the ones for my grandsons

  128. Lorrainek
    15/10/2018 / 18:52

    Usually chocolate advents but Yankee candle sounds amazing

  129. Catherine S
    15/10/2018 / 19:58

    We put chocolate coins in the Christmas stocking bunting advent calendar I made a few years ago.

  130. Tony Martin
    15/10/2018 / 20:55

    generally chocolate for the little uns but have given em lego and playmobil ones too in the past

  131. katrina walsh
    15/10/2018 / 22:19

    I usually have chocolate

  132. Emma Kiff
    16/10/2018 / 05:36

    Usually just a chocolate one can’t normally afford the more expensive ones, love the sound of this Yankee candle one

  133. Bruce
    16/10/2018 / 08:51

    I don’t usually have one.

  134. Carol Frosdick
    16/10/2018 / 15:39

    Fantastic giveaway to compliment the season

  135. Angela treadway
    16/10/2018 / 18:40

    i dont get myself one but i usually just get my sons a normal chocolate one x

  136. Hazel Rea
    16/10/2018 / 20:54

    I don’t always have an advent calendar but when I do it is chocolate.

  137. Helen J
    17/10/2018 / 07:13

    Haven’t had an advent calendar for years but love some of the choices highlighted here, especially the Yankee one!

  138. Ruth Harwood
    17/10/2018 / 09:23

    We usually have chocolate, but would love to try something different!

  139. Tanya
    17/10/2018 / 09:26

    Always a Yankee Candle one for me

  140. Amandeep Sibia
    17/10/2018 / 10:26

    Usually a simple chocolate one.

  141. Helen Adams
    17/10/2018 / 10:50

    I usually just get a chocolate one

  142. Amanda tanner
    17/10/2018 / 19:49

    I’ve always had chocolate advent calendars

  143. Dragonfly63
    18/10/2018 / 09:37

    I love any sort of Advent calendar. My husband bought me a make up advent last year and I really enjoyed all the little lipsticks and things. A new one every day was a real treat.

  144. Sarah Russell
    19/10/2018 / 00:45

    l normally have the Lindt one but l love all the advent calendars they have out now!

  145. Charlotte G
    19/10/2018 / 12:56

    I normally just get chocolate advent calendars, but last year I bought a wax melt calendar and I loved it!

  146. Christine Reid
    19/10/2018 / 14:42

    I usually just buy a chocolate advent calander for a few pounds. Would love a fancy one as a gift but wouldn`t dream of buying one.

  147. Iris Tilley
    20/10/2018 / 09:23

    I buy Yankee for my daughter and Hotel Chocolat for myself

  148. Caroline Huby
    20/10/2018 / 13:49

    Usually a chocolate one 🙂

  149. Ailsa
    21/10/2018 / 06:25

    My daughter likes a beauty one. My favourites have been Lego and Playmobil

  150. Adrienne McGroder
    21/10/2018 / 11:43

    A Thorntons chocolate one!

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