How To Wear A Face Mask Safely

How to wear your face mask safely Whilst we are going through this Global Pandemic, the government has asked us to help with stopping the spread of Covid-19 This is by wearing a face mask when inside at public places Shops, banks and take away…

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4 Retirement Planning Mistakes That Small Business Owners Make

Running a business is so time consuming and in the early days, you probably don’t have much time to think about anything else. That’s why a lot of business owners don’t put enough thought into their retirement. All of their energy goes into growing the…

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Protecting Your Pockets If You Get Injured

It happens all the time Although you might not have to pay anything for health care, some of the costs associated with recovering from an injury can be very steep indeed. This can include many freelancers or part-time workers who don’t get any kind of…

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Celebrating My Birthday In Lockdown

This year I am celebrating my birthday in lockdown. A new experience for me, and for a lot of people who have had their birthday already It’s a lifestyle we are all learning to adapt to, aimed at stopping the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19 It…

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Ensure Your Garden Is Dog Friendly

Your own garden is likely to be where your dog is spending a lot of their time at the moment With spring here and the summer months approaching it is wise to ensure your garden is dog friendly Eating Plants Adult dogs do not typically…

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