How To Wear A Face Mask Safely

How to wear your face mask safely Whilst we are going through this Global Pandemic, the government has asked us to help with stopping the spread of Covid-19 This is by wearing a face mask when inside at public places Shops, banks and take away…

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Father’s Day 2020 Gift Guide

I thought I would put together a Father’s Day 2020 gift guide like I did last year Being able to see what other people are gifting helps give me ideas on what gift to buy Not that my dad is particularly difficult to buy for.…

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5 Ways to Get To Know Your Customers Better

No business can survive without having a large customer base. The success of any business establishment depends on how well the company is able to roll out great products and services to meet the needs of its growing customers. However, today’s customers are slightly more…

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3 Questions To Ask Before Building A House Extension

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly struggling for space in your home and there just isn’t room for all of your stuff? Sometimes, it might just be that you’ve got too much junk lying around and you need to have a clear out, but…

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New Year’s Resolutions For 2019

My New year’s resolutions for 2019 have been something I have thought about as we see the back of 2018 I’m sure there are mixed emotions about the year for a lot of people I have been asked so many times already about any new…

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