When Businesses Say “You’re Welcome” and Really Mean It

Isn’t it nice when businesses say “You’re Welcome” and really mean it

There are undoubtedly many reasons to question the effects of social media, but there’s one thing we can certainly thank it for. Businesses that do well and go the extra mile for us know that they’re going to be praised online – and those plaudits are going to spread.

Arguably, this is also why more and more businesses are starting to make generous offers to welcome new customers and then follow it up with loyalty programmes of some kind or other. After all, it makes perfect sense because it’s never been easier to compare everything from banks to fashion retailers online, and the ones with the best offers are always going to stand out from the crowd and get singled out for online praise.

The bank that takes current account switching seriously


First Direct is a bank that’s always liked to do things a little differently. For example, not many financial institutions would feature a duck-billed platypus in their TV ads.

They’ve also always led the way in offering incentives for people to switch their current account from one of the more established and traditional brands like Barclays, Nat West, or Lloyds.

They were one of the very first to give a cash incentive as a welcome gift. Plus, if things do not work out for you and you decide to leave within a year of opening the account, they also offer a cash “goodbye”. Now that’s a level of confidence that you’re going to stick around with.

Casino cash to help you on your way

Competition is very fierce in the online casino world, and there are many sites clamouring for you to visit their websites and to give them your custom.

This has meant it’s something of a bonus bonanza when it comes to welcome incentives. These work in various ways. Some offer free spins on selected slots and others offer to match the initial deposit you make, up to a certain limit. The very best offer a combination of the two. There are so many available that it can be a good idea to use a site like Bonus Finder UK which is a comprehensive, and regularly updated, guide to the best offers available.

It can even link you directly to the online casinos themselves so you can claim your bonus and start playing straight away.

Because discounts never go out of style

The third example is the fashion label, Simply Be.

It’s an online brand that specialises in sizes 12 to 32 and proves that anyone can be stylish, given the right wardrobe. For new customers, they offer a full 10% discount plus free delivery on your first order, however much it comes to.

It gets even better with their Perks loyalty scheme which brings more discounts. Special offers and even exclusive competitions to enter – what more could you want?

Of course, there are plenty more great welcome offers out there besides these three. Ultimately, it’s just a question of watching out for the right deal to land. As well as acting as soon as possible when you spot a good one!

When businesses say “You’re Welcome” and really mean it, you feel rewarded

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