Upgrading Your Life: Fine-Tuning Key Parts of You to Feel Better

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We could all do with ways of fine-tuning ourselves on occasion. When we live a life that is going 100 miles an hour, there is never much opportunity to stop and smell the roses. But when we are going at such a breakneck pace we are never going to be able to take stock in how we are truly feeling. Everybody could do with getting a better night’s sleep on occasion, or learning how to function better under certain circumstances. But what can we all do to guarantee that we are optimising ourselves and fine-tuning our abilities? The answers are quite simple.


Improving Your Focus

Have you ever found yourself reading the same page in a book many times without the information going in? Everyone has. If you are someone that struggles with concentration or has lapses where you aren’t able to listen to anyone, learning to fine-tune your focus is a good place to begin. Getting good sleep is crucial but you also need to to get into the habit of finding habits that will make you focus better. It could be as simple as purchasing a pair of reading glasses. You may find that getting a pair of readers from a website like https://www.eyeglasses.com/ can be all you need to function better when you are a bit bleary-eyed. There are also fantastic focus exercises that are incredibly simple that can make you realise just how much you are struggling with your focus. Simple exercises like counting backwards from 100 in increments of 2, can help you to improve your elasticity. Just get into the habit of doing something like this in the morning while you are showering. 


When you start to improve your focus in one way you can gradually expand to learning how to read every single word on a page rather than doing what our brains do which is skip words. When you start to become more present in what you are doing, this helps to improve your focus without you noticing it. A perfect example is getting into the flow state, which can be mentally taxing but it is another goal to aim towards. Improving your focus can yield so many benefits, not just in terms of reading and working, but it can help you to become more relaxed and mindful in your own body. So the next time your child tells you about their day in school or someone in the office is prattling on, that you find yourself switching off, refocus your attention onto them.


Make Your Body Your Temple

Everybody feels that they could lose a bit more weight or get a bit stronger, but the best way to feel content is to ensure you do enough to challenge your body physically each and every time. Many people fall flat in terms of exercise because they do too much right away which leaves them incredibly fatigued and demotivates them. This is why many New Year’s resolutions fall flat. Learning to improve your body isn’t about making a massive overhaul in a matter of weeks, but it’s about gradually going in the right direction. This is something that we need to apply to our exercising. 


While we are all very busy and we need to find quick ways to work out, we have to remember that if we provide the stimulus to our body we will need a few days off to recover anyway. This is where the benefit of high-intensity training comes in handy. But it’s about having that balance in place. We don’t really need to go to the gym to work out. In fact, we could get a great workout using resistance bands at home. Getting some resistance bands, a platform, and a bar can provide the same stimulus as free weights. And in fact, resistance bands are safer than free weights, giving you the opportunity to push it a bit further. You can have a look at https://www.self.com/ for some resistance bands exercises to get you started. When we fine-tune our body, it doesn’t just make us feel better about ourselves, but strength is one of the key biomarkers of longevity. Increase your strength and you will improve your health. It is that simple.


Stress Yourself (in the Right Ways)

Much like exercise is a positive stressor, we can improve our abilities to deal with a stressful life by using the right tactics. We can spend so much of our lives actively trying to avoid stress because we live stressful lives and it’s important that we do actively avoid stress in the long run but we can also increase our resilience to it through little practices. When we increase our resilience by making ourselves slightly uncomfortable, it’s actually good for us. They say whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but it’s about doing it in small doses. 


The most perfect example that you can do at home is to have a cold shower. Something that most people avoid like the plague, a cold shower can help you deal with an uncomfortable situation. You can start by turning your shower onto cold for 10 seconds and then gradually build up but there are other benefits to cold showers as well. Learning to make yourself slightly uncomfortable will increase your resilience and this is something that, as human beings, we have evolved with. While we’ve got our in-built fight or flight system on all the time, this is incredibly stressful on our bodies and minds, but learning to develop our resilience can improve our outlook. That cold shower first thing in the morning is a prime example. If that is the most difficult thing you will do that day, everything else will seem so much easier in comparison.


Strengthen Your Brain

One of the most detrimental things we can do to our brain is to overwhelm it, but while we can stress ourselves to function better we can do the same thing to our brains. It’s important that we learn new things every day because this will improve our lives. But learning to find the right thing in such a busy life can take some time. One of the best things that you could ever do is learn a language or an instrument. Your brain is like a muscle and it requires working. But learning a new language isn’t just a way to expand your brain, but it will also give you a sense of achievement you need. 


Strengthening our brain is not just about learning new things but we can have a connection to things through learning mindfulness or meditation. When we find ourselves overwhelmed we can start to rely on mental crutches like negative thoughts to get us through. But if we start to strengthen our brain and our thought patterns by embracing positive self-talk or challenging ourselves, getting out of our comfort zone will provide us with deeper insight. When we go through life feeling that we aren’t worth it or we are generally feeling negative about ourselves, the challenge is the way to regain a sense of purpose. It is the most important muscle in your body so you need to exercise it.


Relaxing Properly

For all this talk of fine-tuning, you can also increase your capacity for relaxation by learning to embrace calmness. When we try to improve ourselves this can also fatigue us. We’ve got to find the balance to ensure that we are going in the right direction, but also give ourselves a pass when we’re not progressing. While we can all do better or function optimally, we need to remember that learning to embrace relaxation and recognise when we need a break is crucial. 


There are times when we need to step away from everything. Sometimes, this can be the best thing for us. If you feel like you need a break because you’ve been going hell for leather in life, having that duvet day where you are laying down and watching Netflix all day is actually good for you. And it’s a simple lesson that we can ignore, especially when we are told to work so much and devote ourselves to our job and our social life. There are times when we need to step away from everything and this can be the most rejuvenating practice of all. When you think about the best ways to fine-tune yourself, you may be one of those people that has an inability to switch off in life. Learning how to do this doesn’t just give you the perfect opportunity to relax all day, but it’s another component of recovery that can force you to slow down.


As we all seem to live a life that is too fast for comfort on occasion, we need to figure out ways so we can function better. Everyone is different but there are things that we all can make alterations too so we can function better. Whether this is our health, our brainpower, or even the fact that we may need a bit more downtime than we allow ourselves, when we fine-tune ourselves in this way, we are upgrading our lives in more ways unimaginable.

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