What Do You Do If Your Spouse Disagrees With You Changing Career?



It’s important that we pursue our passions in life. After all, it’s these that make us feel that vitality. But when it comes to pursuing our passion career, this can cause a lot of issues in a domestic sense. If you are looking to change your life, and break out of your routine and pursue what you really want to do, but the person closest to you isn’t supportive, this can feel devastating. So what can you do to help the process along?

Provide All The Potential Avenues

When it’s a career that’s far removed from your experience, it’s unsurprising that they see it as a jump into the unknown. After all, you’ve got bills to pay. What you need to do is provide all the options as to why it can be a viable one, but also how you can get there. Usually, their doubt is about you jumping ship and going into something without any planning or preparation. And this is why you have to take the time to look at every single avenue. You need to see what skills you have, but more importantly, what you don’t have. You need to find people in the industry, network, and build it up over time. But in addition to this, you’ve got to make sure that it fits both your lifestyles, as well as your needs and values in life. You want it to be a game changer, to provide that meaning to your life, but it also has to benefit your partner as well. This is why you have to provide a sense of viability.

Make Change A Part Of Your Life

You may say that you don’t have time to go towards a new career, and this may be one of the arguments your partner poses. But nobody has time, they have to make it. Because if you don’t have time to explore your career options, how are you going to make one for yourself? It’s important that you give yourself the luxury of time. Not just so you can figure out the best avenues for your current life, but also if you end up doing more than is necessary at this point, this could cause additional strife. Self-development is a lifestyle change, and it’s important that we make time, and have change be a constant part of our lives so that we are able to find the right career that provides that veritable end goal of fulfilment.

What If This Is Really Causing Problems?

You have to look at it from your partner’s perspective. They may think you are taking a major risk on something that could prove to be unfounded. Sometimes it’s from a place of practicality and finances, but on the other hand, it may be the fact that they have seen you fall into this pattern before and it hasn’t helped. But this is why you have to take the time to really focus on finding out if it’s right for you. It can be a very difficult time at home if you’re both banging heads over this. And then you have to really ask yourself if things are in the way. Sometimes professional mediation through solicitors could provide the answer, especially in terms of the relationship. But before you get to this devastating point, you still need to address the core issue. Because if this is causing problems now, and you are determined to follow through with it, how worse is your relationship going to get?

Change is something we all need to go through in life, and if you are adamant that it will make you happy, the career change is your responsibility and your duty.

But that’s not to say it doesn’t cause issues at home.

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