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pooch and mutt

I have lived with pet dogs my whole life

My parents always had at least 2 dogs at any one time growing up

So naturally for me I would also go on to be a dog owner

I have two girls from the same litter, called Bonny and Lulu

They are Spaniel/Poodle cross breeds, and they are a big part of my family and family life generally



For their general health they have their annual boosters at the local vets

They have regular exercise daily to ensure they burn up their energy, and are not causing havoc around the house

The daily exercise keeps their leg muscles strong, their claws short, as well as their minds working

Using treats is good for training and obedience aids throughout the day

I am quite particular about what food I feed them for their dinners, as well as what treats they have throughout the day



I have tried most dog food brands, regular supermarket foods simply do not agree with them

What I found after doing some research was, the majority of pet food sold in the UK is Mars, Nestle or own label brand, and the ingredients in the food was not always what you might expect

I was relived to come across the brand Pooch & Mutt

They are revolutionising the pet food industry with their vast selection of healthy dog food

Each product has the ingredients identified, you can see for yourself on their website

Filler free! Your pet is not eating rubbish!

They are eating food they should be eating, no cheap substitutes to bulk the food out to make a bigger profit


I not only use Pooch & Mutt biscuits at dinner, but also their mini-bone treats whilst on walks

Treats are a great recall incentives and whilst they are at socialisation and training classes, they love them so always come running back


2 dogs


The biscuits are catered to a variety of requirements

There is a weight management biscuit, for those doggies that need to lose a few grams

A dental biscuit, for those who might have a higher plaque build up

One also designed for dogs with mobility issues


My dogs are a big part of my family and family life generally and having them healthy and happy is crucial

Pooch and Mutt have a few offers on their site and you also get free delivery when you spend over £22

With Bonfire night and the New Year Eve fireworks, I use the calming range which I find really does help


I also have a £5 off referral through this link, the discount will be taken off your final basket price

Their products can also be bought on Amazon, so make sure you check out the offers on there too


Happy pets make happy homes


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Pooch & Mutt Dog Food Review


  1. 09/05/2019 / 09:25

    i don’t usually write posts or comments on articles but your blog was so convincing and is written with such diligence i had to praise. great work !

  2. LeMitri's
    13/06/2020 / 21:33

    Thank you! I find your review really helpful!

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