MOT Test Changes That Took Place In May 2018

Were you aware that there was a MOT test change that took place in May 2018?

This change took place in England, Wales and Scotland and is part of the EU roadworthiness directive

The aim is to reduce fatalities on the road to zero by 2050 as well as improve the environment, through fully functioning emissions control systems

The change affects cars, vans, motorbikes and other passenger light vehicles

As well as essential car maintenance and low cost driving you should get to know your new look MOT certificate


New Items In The MOT

Tyres, whether they are under inflated

Brake Fluid, whether it has been contaminated

Brake Pads, whether the warning lights are working and if brake pads or discs are missing

Bumpers, the condition and security of them

Rear drive shaft, the condition of it

There are more additional checks regarding the body of the vehicle, such as the under-tray security, the floor conditions, emissions controls equipment and the noise suppression materials on the vehicle


The MOT certificate you are given has changed too. Not just visually as in the lay out and font of the certificate but the details on it too

The usual identifying factors of the vehicle such as, registration number, make and model and the vehicle identification number appear at the top

Followed by the mileage of the vehicle and listing the last few years mileage of the vehicle, assuming this is not the vehicles first MOT

Now listed you will have any defects found on the vehicle, listed as either minor, major or dangerous

Minor – no significant threat to your vehicle

Major – needs repairing immediately, affects the safety of the vehicle

Dangerous – poses hazardous risk and must not be driven until repaired 

Along with any advisories

The location the vehicle was tested

Organisation and or the testers name

MOT test number

It will finally be signed by the tester at the bottom right of the form


New MOT Certificate Example

Image source

The Impact

Vehicles on our roads are maintained more intensively by the owners, and drivers are more aware of any possible threats to their vehicles by these defects regardless how minor

Hopefully reducing the risk to other road users and pedestrians too, this is a good step in the right direction for safety

Also, more meticulous checks on vehicles especially where emissions are concerned is only going to benefit our environment long term

You can check the status of any vehicles MOT for free through the government website which can be handy when buying a new vehicle too


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MOT Test Changes That Took Place In May 2018




  1. lesley renshaw
    05/09/2018 / 07:42

    Thanks for this article, I had no idea. Gives me chance to save money in case my car needs repairs come it’s due date – have shared x

  2. 24/07/2019 / 14:03

    in the end its for the best for all us on the roads 🙂

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