How To Wear A Face Mask Safely

How to wear your face mask safely is especially important going through this pandemic

Whilst we are going through this Global Pandemic, the government has asked us to help with stopping the spread of Covid-19

This is by wearing a face mask when inside at public places

Shops, banks and take away restaurants, all request you wear your face mask while on their premises. You will see signs up at the doors asking you and thanking you for wearing your face mask

From what I have seen so far, the majority of people are following the guide lines. However, some have their mask on, but not the right way

Before you apply your mask

There are also some crucial steps you should take in terms of hygiene. The government guidelines of washing your hands for 20 seconds is best before and after you use your face mask

To ensure you also refrain from touching your mask once it is on and you are out. If you are constantly touching it or adjusting it, then you are likely to be transferring any germs on to your face mask from your hands. Once it is on you need to leave it on until you no longer need to wear it

How to wear a face mask safely

To be wearing your face mask safely and effectively you need to cover both your mouth and your nose

A face mask doesn’t need to be a specific type. I have seen people using scarf and bandanas, as long as it is covering both their mouth and their nose, that would be seen as safe

Basic disposable masks seem to be the most common from what I have seen. You wear it for your shopping trip and then remove it and put it in the bin

Personalised and bespoke masks seem to be very popular too

These material masks need to be washed in between each wear as the germs will remain on them from your last use


As much as we all all urged to wear our face masks, this is not possible for everyone

Not everyone is able to wear a face covering of such for medical reasons. I have seen plastic visors being used instead which is just as effective for the user

A number of people are also wearing mask exempt lanyards and badges so other people are aware they can not wear a face mask

Ultimately wearing masks should reduce the risk of spreading this virus to and from each other. The sooner we have it under control the sooner we should be able to get back to normal

Do you have any thoughts or views on wearing face masks and coverings?

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  1. Fiona jk42
    05/12/2020 / 20:59

    When you remove your mask, either to wash it or put it in the bin, don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.

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