Father’s Day 2020 Gift Guide

I thought I would put together a Father’s Day 2020 gift guide like I did last year

Being able to see what other people are gifting helps give me ideas on what gift to buy

Not that my dad is particularly difficult to buy for. But having 4 brothers and being the only daughter I do try to ensure my gift is special and shows thought

So I help these ideas give you some inspiration


I would expect clothing items such as socks and t-shirts are up there amongst the most gifted items on Father’s day

A very practical gift, especially if it is an items that they would and could wear day to day. Novelty clothing items are still very much a loved gift to give and receive

a clothes rail of tops


Most men wear some form of aftershave whether that be on a day to day basis or on special occasions

It can also be something men don’t think to buy for themselves when they go shopping. Having it as a gift makes it both a practical and a personal present, they may even be reminded of you when they wear it

I think this Grooming Box from Latest In Beauty is a fantastic idea


Whether your father figure is a film buff or keen on sitcoms, there will likely be a blu ray or DVD that you could purchase for them

Music entertainment too in the form of a digital download voucher or a CD can be great gifts. It is always good to ensure you are sure on their taste and style of entertainment as there is such a wide range of genres to choose from

Concert and event tickets could be more your father’s type of entertainment and even you could potentially gift and do together

Food & Drink

Food gifts can be in the form of a personalised item where you have then decorated with your own words. Bottles of alcoholic drink can also be personalised with your choice of message to make these types of gifts more personal and meaningful

Beerhawk have a Cheers Dad beer box which could make a great present. Or maybe a meat bouquet or these manly gift boxes from The Manly Man Co® you can  visit link here

a gift box filled with jerky snacks

Having a meal out in his favourite pub or restaurant is a lovely way of celebrating either the day itself or having the meal as something to look forward to



Gadgets as gifts could leave you open to a whole range of ideas. Whether you father has a hobby or a craft they take part in. Something fitting with that could make a great gift

Fishing is often a popular past time or playing football. You could find an accessory as a gift unique to their hobby

Not On The High Street has an wide range of Father’s Day got ideas

Personalised Cards

I do enjoy designing personalised cards as part of gifts to people

A couple of companies I have previously purchased from are Moonpig and Funky Pigeon

You can upload your own images and put your own message in the card

Hopefully these ideas from my Father’s Day 2020 Gift Guide will help you make your gift selection

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  1. Margaret Clarkson
    10/06/2020 / 07:59

    My daughter will often get a book for her Dad.

    • Rachel Craig
      19/06/2020 / 00:49

      As has often been said :- We tend to have difficulty deciding on gifts for the men in our life. Personally I have often went for some type of clothing. This prize would be a wonderful gift, as skin care is an important aspect of life. The men often needing support in this aspect, as often preoccupied with other concerns. Yet the elements/ weather can take it’s toll on skin. Moisturisation being important as weather can dry out skin. Also as we age :- The skin can become dry, can be more at risk of skin condition/s. So some tender loving care for skin is appropriate.

  2. Priscilla Stubbs
    10/06/2020 / 08:45

    My Dad is no longer with us, but my husband does love a card from his daughters. He says he doesn’t want a present but he usually gets a book or chocolates

  3. Sheena Batey
    10/06/2020 / 09:02

    A card and Licorice All Sorts

  4. Becky Yeomans
    10/06/2020 / 09:17

    A dvd and some beer.

  5. Helen
    10/06/2020 / 09:30

    Son makes a card and makes breakfast or dinner, try to make it a day of doing something for the day.

  6. Peter Watson
    10/06/2020 / 09:51

    I don’t give because my father has been long gone but I’ve bought some really nice ribeye steaks for the day.

  7. Tracy Nixon
    10/06/2020 / 09:56

    Usually something golf related or Toblerone, my dad’s favourite!

  8. Willow Calder
    10/06/2020 / 11:25

    I think the mens Skincare is a fantastic idea!

  9. Karen Barrett
    10/06/2020 / 11:53

    Red wine

  10. Sandra Fortune
    10/06/2020 / 12:30

    Usually afternoon tea but will be different this year so would love this

    10/06/2020 / 12:41

    Normally a book and a pair of socks

  12. Carole Nott
    10/06/2020 / 13:03

    My dad is always happy with a visit and a nice card

  13. Kelly Wheelhouse
    10/06/2020 / 13:06

    I normally get a box of chocolates and a card for my partner from our little boy

  14. Gill HM
    10/06/2020 / 13:40

    I find men so hard to buy for – but think this is a fantastic idea. Everyone needs to wash and freshen up – and perhaps shave – in the morning, don’t they? Love the small, different bottles of product. Problem solved!
    Gill HM recently posted…Father’s Day 2020 Gift GuideMy Profile

  15. Lyndsey cooksey
    10/06/2020 / 14:28

    My dad does like his handkerchiefs. So I do make an effort to find a really nice pack, especially on Fathers day.

  16. Solange
    10/06/2020 / 17:11

    An experience day as my dad pretty much has everything.

  17. Michelle Smith
    10/06/2020 / 19:48

    Cds or a Amazon gift card never fails

  18. Hazel Rea
    10/06/2020 / 19:55

    My father died some time ago but we always give my husband a book, or some wine.

  19. Fiona jk42
    10/06/2020 / 21:45

    I don’t normally buy anything for my husband for father’s day, but our children often get him a gift. He is notoriously hard to buy for, so often ends up with something golf-themed (he is an avid golfer), or something cookery-related, as he is a keen cook.

  20. Ritchie
    10/06/2020 / 22:45

    Usually beer or whisky

  21. Helen Arlow
    11/06/2020 / 06:30

    It varies every year, this year I’ve ordered a mug and a chocolate bundle x

  22. Lyndsey cooksey
    11/06/2020 / 07:02

    My dad loves handkerchiefs, so particularly on fathers day, I try and find some really nice, luxury ones.

  23. betsy ferguson
    11/06/2020 / 09:22

    A bottle of low flyer (grouse whiskey), but as Dad spends a lot of time out doors, I love the idea of this gift, too

  24. Tracy Newton
    11/06/2020 / 11:42

    I try to get something different each year. This year the Grandads are getting books and boxes of biscuits.

  25. ashleigh allan
    11/06/2020 / 13:49

    Usually alcohol often rum or whisky!

  26. Gemma Massey
    11/06/2020 / 14:50

    A card and usually a bottle of whisky and some money

  27. Kristyn Harris
    11/06/2020 / 15:01

    I normally buy my Dad a magazine subscription and a bottle of whiskey.

  28. Laura Pritchard
    11/06/2020 / 18:52

    Mine is different every year – this year I have an Enigmagram for my dad, and a personalised t-shirt and a credit-card sized swiss-army knife for my partner from the kids.

  29. Rebecca King
    12/06/2020 / 09:20

    Some whisky and chocolates

  30. Lindsay Robson
    12/06/2020 / 13:49

    Chocolate and wine

  31. A.E. ADKINS
    12/06/2020 / 22:03

    Books, beer, plants or shortbread are the usual favourites

  32. Susan Hoggett
    12/06/2020 / 23:36

    gin and crisps

  33. Lorna Ledger
    13/06/2020 / 17:46

    My Dad loves Tesco own brand Whisky! and cheap chocolate, so I always get him that

  34. Susan Smith
    14/06/2020 / 07:41

    Normally its something for the garden, ora book he normally wants

    • Sam Parkes
      19/06/2020 / 12:38

      Chocolate, beer and usually a shirt for my dad and other half

  35. Emma England
    14/06/2020 / 15:05

    It varies usually but you can’t go wrong with a bottle of whiskey!

  36. Angela treadway
    14/06/2020 / 15:35

    Chocolate and alcohol! X

  37. Margaret Gallagher
    14/06/2020 / 18:06

    Toiletries and aftershave

  38. Sally Collingwood
    15/06/2020 / 05:54

    Jigsaw puzzle

  39. Ruth Harwood
    15/06/2020 / 08:23

    Usually toiletries, as the Christmas ones are used up by June lol!!

  40. Helen W
    15/06/2020 / 11:10

    Food or booze but never socks

  41. Jodie Green
    15/06/2020 / 15:08

    Usually something car or tool related as my dad’s a mechanic, but also love gifting the personalised gifts too, from the kiddies

  42. Patricia Barrett
    16/06/2020 / 00:44

    Usually drink or something football related.

  43. michelle o'neill
    17/06/2020 / 09:40

    I dont have a father figure in my life, but i do buy for my hubby from our granddaughter. usually beer related

  44. Leslie Evans
    17/06/2020 / 10:54

    Nuts, my Dad loves Nuts.

  45. Patricia Avery
    17/06/2020 / 13:33

    Often gardening related gifts

  46. Helen Tyler
    17/06/2020 / 17:22

    I don’t usually get anything for Father’s Day as I feel if I want to gift my Dad something I’ll do it any day. He loves his chocolate though. He does burn it off as he’s 73 and still runs marathons!

  47. lynn neal
    17/06/2020 / 19:26

    Usually something to eat or drink or some nice toiletries!

  48. sue cornish
    17/06/2020 / 22:04

    Some wine and a card

  49. Hannah Fuller
    18/06/2020 / 08:35

    Hugo Boss aftershave, Mint chocolate, strongest cheese possible, socks and a comedy mug! 😀

  50. greig spencer
    18/06/2020 / 14:04

    my dad lobes beer so hes easy lol

  51. Anthea Holloway
    18/06/2020 / 17:37

    Something like whisky or cider.

  52. Sheri Darby
    18/06/2020 / 18:52

    Usually chocolate or sweets

  53. Alison Johnson
    18/06/2020 / 21:51

    I tend not to buy my dad anything anymore. I used to get items for his golf hobby or about world war 2 but I’ve sort or run out of ideas especially since he gave up golf.

  54. Mel Pennie
    18/06/2020 / 23:40

    My dad is no longer with us but it was usually a card, some item of clothing and a nice homemade meal with the family.

  55. Adrian Bold
    19/06/2020 / 01:45

    Usually aftershave.

  56. Christine Hobbs
    19/06/2020 / 06:33

    I always make a personalised card something cheeky and I get away with it because Im his favourite. I usually get Chanel Bleu its his signature aftershave.

  57. Charlotte Wildman
    19/06/2020 / 06:59

    Usually a restaurant gift card

  58. Carly Belsey
    19/06/2020 / 08:48

    I usually get my stepdad a book because he reads all the time, my dad is a chocoholic so that’s him sorted and the daddy to my children is fishing mad so usually something along those lines.

  59. MERYL Thomas
    19/06/2020 / 08:56

    I usually get him something for the car – that is what he likes

  60. Denise walton
    19/06/2020 / 09:13

    Usually something for the garden

  61. Susan B
    19/06/2020 / 09:27

    I tend to buy consumables such as bathroom products, food and drink as dads – and many older people – often already have what they need in their wardrobe and their home.

  62. laura avery
    19/06/2020 / 11:13

    Beer and snacks this year also hoping bob Mortimer fishing book turns up

  63. sarah morris
    19/06/2020 / 11:16

    A bottle of red and some chocolates

  64. Maddy
    19/06/2020 / 12:55

    I got him “Vouchers” for lunch at our place,
    Trip to a place he chooses, (He doesn’t drive)
    Walk in the woods.
    Pub lunch

  65. Jeanette Leighton
    19/06/2020 / 14:42

    I usually get a personalised card and a foodie gift for my dad

  66. Pete
    19/06/2020 / 14:44

    Promises for even more fun once we’re allowed out to play again

  67. Faridah Brooker
    19/06/2020 / 15:21

    I don’t usually gift anything on Fathers Day as its my dads birthday around the same time.

  68. Tracey Hallmark
    19/06/2020 / 16:15

    I normally gift a nice Aftershave on #FathersDay

  69. Hayley F
    19/06/2020 / 18:54

    I always ask dad what he wants and it’s usually a voucher of some kind x

  70. Violet Phillippo
    19/06/2020 / 19:01

    I make my dad a nice card and a try and make time to make him a carrot cake, which is his favourite.

  71. Nicola Sadler
    19/06/2020 / 19:38

    I usually gift some beer this year it’s a kebab! Yes, odd I know.

  72. Sue Carter
    19/06/2020 / 19:38

    Usually just a card

  73. Darren Bourne
    19/06/2020 / 22:23

    I normally give my Dad books but am going to make him some biscuits this year.

  74. Naomi Sarah Buchan
    19/06/2020 / 22:33

    Toiletries, Whisky or film memerobilia

  75. Orange23
    19/06/2020 / 22:48

    Beer or wine

  76. 10/07/2020 / 04:27

    I usually get something tech related. Just the latest gizmo such as the latest VR headset would make his day!

  77. 13/09/2020 / 16:06

    My father is a song lover so whatever I think, I end up gifting a headphone or speaker. LOL. I’ll try to add up some drinks as per your suggestion next time.

  78. 11/10/2020 / 18:39

    My dad like some vintage watch. I think it would be a great suggestion too. The gift guide is great but adding some vintage and artistic watch in it would make it better I guess,

  79. 27/11/2020 / 11:13

    this is one of the best guide i have read till date. Thanks for sharing.

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