Latest In Beauty: Beauty From Home Edit

A recent treat I got myself during lock down  this Latest In Beauty: Beauty From Home edit

Another new beauty brand and product for me to try and an absolute bargain at that

I absolutely love a subscription box as the value for money is always well worth the purchase. You get to try products you wouldn’t usually know about or have used before. Its’ a great way to test them out without forking out the cost of the full product

It works slightly different to the Glossybox and Birchbox schemes as you choose the products you want to try each month

There are hundreds of different items to choose from as well, with more being added all the time

Simply create your profile and choose the size of the subscription you want based on your budget. You can have either 3, 6 or 9 new products each month. You get to choose which ones you receive

Collection Boxes

LIB Beauty From Home Box of Products

Latest In Beauty: Beauty From Home Edit is a different box to the regular subscription box

This was a collection put together by Latest In Beauty to bring us beauty lovers a huge range of useful products to help with our beauty during lockdown

The contents are worth about £100 but the cost only costs £30, a huge saving!

So much to try and some new things I have never used so this was really exciting for me

Whats inside

latest in beauty products

Lacura is a budget make up brand by Aldi which is such good value for money. I have read great reviews about the Caviar range so was really excited to try this

Kiehls is a very well known skincare brand which has a great reputation. I have used it before and loved it, a very nice little bottle to keep for holidays

OH K is new to me but like all sheet masks they serve a purpose. I used it straight away and it is very rich. There is a lot or serum in the packet left over so it was a bit messy to put on but felt glorious on my skin

Hair treatments

Latest in beauty products 2

Hask mask was just what my hair needed as its very damaged from styling and not being able to get my usual trim so my ends are quite split and dry. I have used this brand of shampoo and conditioner before so I knew I would be happy with the mask

Biovene hair wrap is great if you have very damaged hair. For me personally I prefer a mask or deep conditioning treatment but cant fault it, was nice to use just wouldn’t really chose to buy a wrap over a mask

Bumble and Bumble surf spray isn’t something I really use as I only really wear my hair straight. But I use the Bumble and Bumble oil heat/ UV primer spray religiously as it such a good product if you have frizzy or fly away hair

So many products

Latest in beauty products 3

Glamglow products are lovely. By using them b0th together the results were instant, my face was so soft. I will be buying this again full size once my bottles run out too thats how nice they were

Dr Pawpaw 7 in 1 hair treatment can be used on both wet and dry hair. So many great benefits but will probably need to use it for a bit longer to really notice a huge difference. But it does smell lovely and something new to try from this brand as I have only ever know them for their balms I use for my lips

No Mo-stache is a facial razor and if like me you have your face derma planned or you do it yourself from home this razor was great. Facial razors can be dangerous so never apply too much pressure until you’re confident using it. Brilliant for getting rid of peach fuzz or upper lip hair, all round nice disposable facial razor

Latest in beauty products 4

Florence Mascara was a new brand for me. I typically use Benefit mascaras but will always try new ones. I have naturally short and poker straight lashes so always on the looking for a magical mascara. It thickened the look of my lashes but didn’t really lengthen them sadly

Max Factor lippy in Ruby Tuesday, full size too. I love a statement lip so happy to add this beauty to my collection

Nudestix gel and lip colour pen is a nice soft pen to use. The colour blends out and stays too. A great 2 in 1 pen to keep in my hand bag

Glamglow recovery mask is for your face. I haven’t actually used this as yet but love Glamglow and I’m sure this will be no exception to how great their products are

Trilogy make up cleansing balm was a lot better then i expected. I do find some balms aren’t very good when it comes to removing mascara, but not the case for this one. A little went a long way and it was a great balm to include in my evening cleanse

Value For Money

As you can see this Latest In Beauty: Beauty From Home Edit is a lot of product for the price

Nothing was a disappointment and I now have a few products that I’m keen to buy again in full size

There are a few other collection boxes I would like. Also boxes like these would make great gifts

Are you a Latest In Beauty monthly subscriber? Have you bought any of their collection boxes? Let me know in the comments

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  1. Sam Gardner
    26/06/2020 / 07:00

    This looks amazing – especially like the hair mask!

  2. Margaret Clarkson
    26/06/2020 / 07:22

    Evertyhing sounds so lovely. I especially like the sound of the OK K mask and Max Factor’s Rby Tuesday lipstick.

  3. Amy SIMPSON
    26/06/2020 / 07:39

    My fave brand is Oh K!

  4. Priscilla Stubbs
    26/06/2020 / 07:50

    Such a great selection of items, I would love to try them all!

  5. richard field
    26/06/2020 / 09:27

    probably going to borrow some of these from my wife if I win them.

  6. Jo Dawkins
    26/06/2020 / 10:22

    It looks great! A lot more products than others I have seen.

  7. Sheena Batey
    26/06/2020 / 11:52

    All looks very good and useful

  8. Tracy Nixon
    26/06/2020 / 12:11

    Love the Glamglow and my hair needs a Hask!

  9. Elaine Skye
    26/06/2020 / 12:34

    Great selection, especially love the hair mask.

  10. Lisa Jones
    26/06/2020 / 12:40

    Amazing selection of products, would be lovely to treat my daughter

  11. Janine Beeston
    26/06/2020 / 13:42

    Great selection of some of my favourites 😍

  12. Hannah Austin
    26/06/2020 / 16:19

    So many great products! The mask looks great

  13. Tayla Morris
    26/06/2020 / 22:24

    This is such a great range of products. I have tried an OH K face mask before and I had the most amazing soft plump skin afterwards!

  14. 27/06/2020 / 10:15

    Yes, this is a fantastic way to try products you may have heard about but aren’t really sure if they’ll suit you. Also love the idea that it’s tailored to your budget, so you can choose as few or as many items as you want.
    Gill HM recently posted…My Lockdown Pamper Hamper TreatMy Profile

  15. Georgia Cooper
    27/06/2020 / 22:04

    Definitely need some of these products😍

  16. Charlotte isobelle
    28/06/2020 / 07:09

    I love this idea, I’ve been wanting to try a sub box for a while too!

  17. Laura Wells
    28/06/2020 / 09:21

    This looks lovely with a lot of great products to try such as the facial razor as I’ve never tried before and the hair mask which comes at a great time since I’ve not been to a hairdressers during lockdown

  18. Sally Collingwood
    28/06/2020 / 09:27

    This is just fabulous!

  19. R Lewington
    29/06/2020 / 19:56

    The hair mask sounds amazing!

  20. ashleigh allan
    29/06/2020 / 20:06

    It all looks amazing – great for treating yourself!

  21. Em Gal
    30/06/2020 / 01:48

    I love the idea of a hydrating hair wrap!

    30/06/2020 / 06:31

    Great collection. Of all of them, I’ve only used the Lacura moisturiser and I absolutely love it.

  23. Mel Turner
    30/06/2020 / 10:51

    Lovely selection of products for a pamper

  24. Angela Treadway
    30/06/2020 / 11:57

    the hair wrap treatment looks fab x

  25. Emma Craven
    30/06/2020 / 14:19

    They all look great – and if I’m feeling generous I might share some with my beauty-mad niece for her birthday!

  26. Alice Gilkes
    01/07/2020 / 06:28

    Lovely products.

  27. Ruth Harwood
    01/07/2020 / 07:40

    I really don’t pamper myself enough – so need a little beauty and self-care tlc!

  28. laura milton
    01/07/2020 / 11:10

    This looks a great selection to treat ourselves, i am missing having some mummy time at the salon for a massage or to get my eyebrows done!

    01/07/2020 / 12:11


  30. Fiona jk42
    01/07/2020 / 21:36

    This looks like a great selection of products. I’ve been wary of subscription boxes after having a not so great experience with another well-known box. I got several products that were of no use to me, andso I stopped after 3 months.

  31. Emma Walton
    02/07/2020 / 09:39

    I think the best thing about this subscription box is that you get to choose what you want to try.

  32. Sarah-Jane Carter
    04/07/2020 / 19:33

    I love everything in this box x

  33. Susan Smith
    04/07/2020 / 21:08

    These boxes do look exciting, lots of different products and a lot i bet i would never of heard of, but its always nice to try out new things

  34. Joanne McDonald
    05/07/2020 / 06:52

    Thank you so much for this, I’ve been tempted to start a LIB sub for ages- I’ve had one of their edits before and loved it. This one looks fab!

  35. Heather Haigh
    05/07/2020 / 11:05

    I like the look of that, such a treat.

  36. Jenny McClinton
    05/07/2020 / 15:13

    This really does seem like a great deal, and it is a great of way of trying all these products at a cheaper price.

  37. Vanessa Serket
    07/07/2020 / 23:21

    What a lovely set! So pretty!

  38. Yeside Williams
    08/07/2020 / 16:54

    OMG Glamglow is the best!!

  39. Amanda Walsh
    08/07/2020 / 22:23

    I love these types of boxes as it really gives you the chance to try different products! I like the look of the hair wrap treatment

  40. Katie B
    12/07/2020 / 17:23

    Love Dr Pawpaw products, never used this, don’t really see it about very often

  41. Hazel
    13/07/2020 / 12:44

    These products all look amazing! I love the sound of the rose oil and peach hair mask!!!

  42. Allison Sherwood
    14/07/2020 / 07:52

    I think the box looks great with a god variety of products to try.

  43. Jade o'sullivan
    14/07/2020 / 08:31

    That hair mask sounds wonderful. Need something to rejuvenate my hair

  44. Sandra Fortune
    21/07/2020 / 13:28

    This looks lovely some good brands in here . Love everything in it

  45. Christine Constable
    21/07/2020 / 19:37

    Great idea being able to choose which products you want to try

  46. Isabella Eaves
    29/07/2020 / 03:30

    I love hask products! the peach especially sounds amazing

  47. Michelle Lewis-Robertson
    31/07/2020 / 13:13

    I have always wanted to try one of these beauty boxes, the products always look amazing.

  48. Megan Kinsey
    01/08/2020 / 08:27

    This looks like a great range of products. I’d love to try the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, it’s been on my wishlist for a while now.

  49. Laura R
    03/08/2020 / 16:07

    I’ve tried the cleansing balm before it’s great!

  50. Susan B
    04/08/2020 / 19:09

    I am warming to subscription boxes. This one looks really good. I like that you can choose yourself.

  51. Sarah Moorse
    07/08/2020 / 01:07

    Thanks for this post.

  52. Joanne Smith
    12/08/2020 / 14:29

    Very informative, thanks for this post

  53. Nicola Battensby
    16/08/2020 / 16:52

    Loving the nail polish; dare I say at the age of 45 I have just had my first ever manicure for my birthday and it was amazing!

  54. Patricia Fowler
    18/08/2020 / 16:34

    This looks amazing! Would love to give these products a try.

  55. Charlotte C
    20/08/2020 / 08:27

    This Looks great, I have not tried a subscription box but I might now!

  56. Kas Grant
    20/08/2020 / 10:21

    A mixed so much fun to open. It’s like it’s your birthday. Really like the look of those Dr Paw Paw 🐾 goodies.

  57. Jennifer Rhymer
    20/08/2020 / 14:32

    Amazing products, I’d absolutely love to try a hair wrap treatment x

  58. Sharron-ann mcleod
    20/08/2020 / 21:17

    These all look brilliant – I quite fancy the hair mask!

  59. sarah morris
    23/08/2020 / 07:03

    It looks great would love to win

  60. Helen Tyler
    23/08/2020 / 07:40

    A great selection of treats. I’d especially like to try the hair mask. I have to wash my hair more frequently than I used to because of Corona (I’m a nurse). So my hair could do with some TLC!

  61. Emma Davison
    23/08/2020 / 09:35

    These look good. It’s nice when you find new products you will buy again.

  62. Lindsey Stuart
    23/08/2020 / 09:37

    I think this collection box goodies look and sound fantastic! A brilliant idea and very exciting to open I imagine!
    I would love to try the hair treatments out.

  63. Mel Pennie
    23/08/2020 / 13:01

    Some fabulous products and really great value for them all!

  64. Tracy Burns
    23/08/2020 / 13:24

    the Hask has been amazing for my super dry bleached hair!

  65. Melissa Lee
    23/08/2020 / 17:23

    I’ve not tried this subscription service but must admit the brands look great – plus the saving is amazing!

  66. lynn neal
    23/08/2020 / 18:58

    This looks good value for money!

  67. AJ
    23/08/2020 / 19:21

    The Ma-stache is a brilliant product name. What a pun!

  68. Jillanne David
    23/08/2020 / 20:29

    I desperately need a good hair mask so it’s great to have a recommendation

  69. Orange23
    23/08/2020 / 20:45

    It sounds like a bargain! The hair wrap treatment looks lovely as does the Dr pawpaw hair treatment. Nice selection of items.

  70. V Poulston
    23/08/2020 / 20:48

    Great selection of products. A few new brands I’d love to try.

  71. Georgie Wright
    23/08/2020 / 20:49

    I love using Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate and I’ve only tried Dr Paw Paw balms before too!

  72. Tracy B
    23/08/2020 / 21:23

    Definitely need some of the products in this box

  73. 01/12/2020 / 09:26

    Facials can also boost cell regeneration and promote collagen development, which reduces signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. So, not only will your skin look smoother, feel softer, and have a beautiful glow, but you can also look younger too!

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