How To Make Pumpkin Puree

With it being the yummy winter squash harvest, I thought I would tell you how to make pumpkin puree I use pumpkins so much in these seasonal months as they are such a versatile food source. They work well as both sweet and savoury dishes…

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The Arbitrary Thoughts We Have When We Lose Someone

  The arbitrary thoughts we have when we lose someone and losing someone we love is one of the most difficult things we will ever go through. It can throw up so many different emotions and actions. You, may upon instinct, aim to protect the…

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Skincare: How Can You Tell If You Have A Collagen Deficiency?

  Image Source -Pixabay – CC0 Licence Skincare: How Can You Tell If You Have A Collagen Deficiency? “Collagen” is a word that almost every woman has heard, but most women don’t understand properly. For example, did you know that it accounts for 30% of…

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20 Movies To Watch At Halloween

With the spookiest of holidays seasons about to start it’s a good time to share 20 movies to watch at halloween I am usually a bit if a wimp when it comes to scary movies but around halloween it feels appropriate I absolutely love some…

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5 Health Benefits Of A Pumpkin

Around this time of year pumpkins are becoming popular, and the health benefits of a pumpkin are impressive The pumpkin is an orange winter squash we associate with this time of year mainly because of Halloween and the traditions that come with it We typically…

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