Money Back When You Shop Online

How would you like to get a little something back when you make a purchase online, you could get anywhere from a couple of pence up to hundreds of pounds for not spending more than you would in the first place?

Yes…of course you would


A site that gives you actual cash back, directly into your bank account, for going on to their site before you make that purchase, it is as simple as that. You don’t need to do anything confusing or send off applications to get the cash back it is all done for you




This is what the home screen looks like it isn’t scary or complicated

You need to Sign Up which is a matter of a few personal details like you would expect from any new site you sign up to

There is a search bar on the top right of the screen which you need to type the retailers name into





Once you have located and clicked on the retailer your search results will be displayed with a pink logo with Cashback written next to it, click on the Cashback logo and you will be taken to the retailer in exactly the same way as if you were going directly

If you had items in your basket they will still be there and all the prices also remain the same, there are no inflated prices or less offers because you are getting cashback for shopping everything is the same

Before you make a purchase even if your at the checkout with the item in your basket ready to pay, just have a look on Topcashback as see if you can get any cash back from buying through them

In 2017 I managed to earn £281.46 in cashback Topcashbackof which I have already claimed £241.11 back into my bank account and still have a further £40.35 outstanding which will be paid to me once the cashback cooling off period has expired which is different for each retailer, it can be a matter or weeks or months just depending on the brand

This is no quick fix cash solution, I see it as a savings pot as it is just a little extra back when you buy something you would have bought anyways, for example I bought my house insurance through Topcashback and received £25 cashback where if I had bought it directly I would have still paid the same price but not saved the £25 in my cashback account

It is a habit that I trained myself into doing and when I started using Topcashack there were occasions when I completely forgot to log in and check there before I made a purchase

I installed a Google Chrome extension on to my computer so that any page I went on to which offered cashback I was notified, this is also free to download here

Anyone who shops online and would like to make or save for just doing what you would normally really needs to give Topcashback a try

Hopefully you will also be saving nearly £300 a year or even more

I would love to know what the biggest cashback for any one purchase you have got, mine was £80 for signing up with my new mobile phone contract

My friend Nicola over at Mum On A Budget has some three great tips to paying the lowest price for anything



  1. Sue Watson
    27/07/2018 / 19:09

    Useful advice thanks!

  2. Amy simpson
    17/11/2018 / 10:05

    Ive been using them this year,so glad i did x

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