How To Make Money Reselling On eBay

Reselling on eBay is becoming more and more popular
For some sellers it is becoming a full time job for a lot of people and helping clear debt
Having a business eBay account means that you can sell as many items as you like per month, therefore your profit is uncapped. The more you sell the more you earn

What is reselling

Reselling is where you buy goods with the intention of selling them on for profit. Just to point out that ebay isn’t the online site where you can resell, The Mini Millionaire has some more information on selling clothes online

Where to buy items to resell

It can be anywhere, the main source being charity shops and car boot sales however, this could also include buying in bulk and then selling each item individually

Getting Started

Being organised is the key to setting up your eBay business. Having a dedicated space to house your resell-able items is a good idea

Have any clothing washed, ironed or steamed ready to photograph, ensuring the back ground you photograph your items is a blank space free from clutter, as this will help the appearance of your photos

The more alluring your images the more views your item is likely to get, therefore ultimately the more sales, or the quicker that particular sale


There is no exact science or method to knowing what to resell

A lot of people have a niche, a specific collection or array of items that they tend to resell. This could be down to either experience with this niche, or they have a cheap source they buy from

As long as you price the item right and you are patient most items will eventually sell


This is for profit, you are planning to make this your business or at the least a lucrative side hustle

Take into account the worth of the item, the condition and how much you have spent to source it

A good idea is to filter the description of the item in eBay as see the last sold prices of similar

I often use Buy It Now when I want a specific amount for an item, this can leave the item unsold for a while but at least when it sells you get the amount you want


Make sure you are spelling the brand names correctly

Ensure you get specific words in the heading such as the size, colour and brand

Filler words are for the description box NOT the heading, as the heading is what attracts the buyers initially and then the description sells the item to them


If you are setting an item to auction consider when that auction is going to end

From reselling items myself I have found that auction items which end on a weekend tend to get more bids

Also, ending items in the evenings between 19:00 and 21:00, often I see a higher sale price than I expected for an item

This will take some trialling yourself, make sure you take full use of the listing scheduling function


You can have a maximum of 12 for free with each listing, use them!

Make sure your photos are clear, not blurred, with a clear back ground. Use a white sheet as a back drop if you don’t have a clear area to take the photos

Take snaps of any fine detail or any imperfections the buyer needs to know about, do not hide these imperfections as this could result in you having to issue a refund

Fees and Postage

Ebay charge 10% of the total sale price including 10% of the postage cost, factor that in to your selling price

Know how much you item costs to post and do not under charge, include a small amount for your packaging costs too, as it all adds up

Paypal also take a handling fee to receive the money, read it here and factor this in to your price


You will find some items sell with Buy It Now near enough instantly, and others can take months

The maximum auction length is 10 days, I often find I get more bids the longer it is up for auction

The more you have listed, the more you sell and the more you make

Keep adding new items when you can and you will see the profit mount up

Reselling on eBay is a very popular side hustle and I can understand why


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