Having Money Problems? The Buck Might Stop With You!

Having Money Problems? The Buck Might Stop With You!



It’s easy to pass the buck when we are broke or having other money problems


  • It’s the ATM’s fault – it won’t restrict the money it gives me!
  • The utility company’s fault – they keep raising their prices!
  • My employer’s fault – he doesn’t pay me enough!
  • It’s the kid’s fault – they want everything!


It’s their fault, but it’s never your fault! And yet, here is the truth of the matter. In many cases, the buck stops with you! You’re to blame, whether you realise it or not. The following are some of the reasons why you don’t have more money in your pocket, and there is nobody to blame but yourself.


  1. You aren’t making enough money


If you aren’t getting enough from your current job, then you need to think about your options. For starters, are you able to work more hours? Could you get a promotion? If there are things you can do at work (without burning yourself out) that can improve your financial situation, then do so

On the other hand, perhaps you should consider a change of career. While you’re currently working, consider other (higher paying) avenues you could take to improve your life

Alternatively, look for ways to create multiple income streams, such as these ideas for a passive income, or start a side business that you can run in your free time. Do anything, other than perpetually moan about how tight with money your employer is. They may be Scrooge-like, but you don’t have to let the fact determine your future.


  1. You are getting yourself in debt


By getting yourself in debt, you are also affecting your credit score. So, not only will you be forced to pay back your debts for some time to come, you will also face further problems due to your poor credit, such as having difficulty taking out a mobile phone contract or getting a mortgage

Don’t blame anybody for these issues – if you’re in debt and your credit is low, you have probably dug your own hole. Overspending is one problem, and taking out too many loans is another

It’s time to put on hold any behaviour that is making the situation worse and start to turn things around. While it’s still possible to take out small loans, even with poor credit, you should still make an effort to pay off the ones you currently hold. Get help by speaking to a debt-relief charity, and stop any bad habits that are pushing you further into the debt trap.


  1. You aren’t shopping around


When it comes to money, you need to adhere to good habits. And one such habit is to be frugal with your money. Don’t accept the high prices of branded products at the supermarket, and then blame the companies for their extortionate price tags

Don’t accept the cost of your gas bill, and then blame your utility company for putting the prices up all of the time. If you still buy those products or use those energy services, then you are putting money into their pockets, and giving them less reason to curb their greediness!

Instead, do yourself a favour and spend elsewhere. Rather than going for the big brands, opt for the cheaper products on your store shelves. They may not have the brand name behind them or the fancy packaging, but their items may be as good as their higher-priced brethren

Use price comparison services to save money on your utility bills too, and take the cheapest deal you can find. After all, it’s the same gas and electricity, no matter who you source it from. Shop around in all aspects of your spending, and start to make savings.


  1. You give in to your kids

Having Money Problems? The Buck Might Stop With You!



It’s a brave person who takes their child on a shopping trip. The words “I want” are the bane of every parent. Of course, your child has no conception of wants and needs, so you will probably hear your child pleading that they ‘need the latest toy,’ or ‘need a bar of chocolate,’ and so it goes on

If you give in to them, probably to shut up their whinging, then you are your own worst enemy. You are creating a habit that will haunt you long after they have left home, when they ring you telling you they need this and that, unaware that you are more than just a walking ATM

So, practice the art of saying ‘no.’ If what they want isn’t essential, they don’t have to have it, no matter how much fuss they create. If possible, don’t take your children shopping with you in the first place. And give them pocket money, so if they do want something, they will have to use their own money to buy it

You can teach them good lessons about money this way too, such as having to save if they want something they can’t currently afford. Do anything other than being a pushover, and then blaming your children for being a drain on your finances.


  1. You are lazy


Sorry to say it, but this might be true. If you are forever using your car to travel short distances, then you are going to run up fuel costs

You are forever phoning in for a takeaway because you can’t be bothered to cook, then you are driving yourself into poor financial and physical health!

If you are forever spending your money without bothering to budget yourself, then you are going to find yourself in debt. So, what we are saying is this.

When it comes to money, stop being lazy! Use your legs to get places, learn how to cook, and start a budgeting plan. You only have yourself to blame in each of these cases if you suddenly find yourself with no money at the end of the month.



Do you relate to what we have said? Then don’t blame us for being a painful reminder! Do something about the problem and start to make changes to your financial mindset. Sometimes, the buck really does stop with you

You are the only one who can turn things around for the better

Start to make changes in your life today

*This is a collaborative post

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