3 Ways To Save More In 2019

3 Ways To Save More In 2019

Amongst my new years resolutions is often something money related

It is usually along the lines of, save more, send less

Like most resolutions I don’t stick to them or any of the financial budgets I set for myself

Next year I am planning to make an actual savings plan, and stick to it

I have a few ideas which I think will also help others with saving more and spend less in 2019


The biggest out going for most people is for accommodation

Now whether you are renting or you are a home owner, it is often good to evaluate how much you are paying

Being a home owner, I have a mortgage and this is definitely my biggest out going each month

This is something which I re-asses every 2 years, as I sign into 2 year fixed term agreements

I like the security of knowing exactly how much my repayments are each month

Take a look at my post about using a Mortgage Broker if you are not in a fixed term

a sofa in a home with cushions on


We all need electricity in our homes and most home also have a gas central heating too

Did you know you have the right to switch your supplier even in rented properties?

This is like any other contract, once you are outside your agreed term chances are you are paying more than you should be

There are essential house hold bills that we cant avoid or reduce such as council tax but these are fixed monthly

Mobile phone contracts, home phone, TV and broadband are all for fixed terms and once that term is up you can negotiate new deals

Take a look at my post about switching energy suppliers

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I shop in Aldi and have done since I was first introduced to it by a friend

I was a little unsure before I had ever been there and had pre-conceptions, but its been about 3 years and I am so thankful I was introduced to them

My weekly shop is pretty much half what it costs in any of the other major 3 super markets

Granted I now rarely by branded food, but the food I do buy tastes just as good as the branded ones

There are only a few things I buy specifically branded

I know not every one is able to shop at Aldi or Lidl as they are not in all towns

But if you make meal plans this will help you save money as you will reduce your food waste

Even just implementing one of these ideas can help you save more in 2019

Let me know in the comments below, whether you have any other idea on how to save more money in 2019?

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  1. Amanda tanner
    15/01/2019 / 16:19

    I’ve never shopped in Aldi always used Asda but might be worth trying a shop in theirs next time

  2. Chloe Taylor
    22/02/2019 / 19:24

    Fantastic tips – I’m really making the effort to save more this year! Been meal planning and looking for deals & vouchers online. xx

  3. Amy SIMPSON
    26/02/2019 / 07:20

    Great tips,thanks for sharing them x

  4. Tracy Higgs
    14/03/2019 / 20:33

    I am also a regular shopper in Aldi and I save loads.

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