Winter Tyres and Car Tyre Maintenance Tips

The weather is on the change and autumn, winter is making appearances every now and then

Cars like people can change to fit in with the weather

Im talking tyres

October through to March you should be using multi-stripe tread patten winter tyres, not all drivers realise this is relevant for all cars

Making the regular checks to your tyres will make sure they are performing and safe


Temperature Change

Cold and damp roads can dramatically affect the performance of tyres, leading to an increased accident risk

Most drivers know that snow and ice can dramatically change their safety on the road and adjust their driving appropriately

Not all are aware that the air temperature is a crucial element in the effectiveness of a car tyre

7 degrees is that critical digit. When the tyre compounds are below this temperature they harden, therefore provide less grip on the road

Winter weather tyres tread is made of a different compound tread to summer tyres

To give that extra grip on the roads they are made of more natural rubber and advanced silca compounds. This also helps to prevent the hardening of the tyre

Motorists and drivers that set off early in the mornings or late at night when the temperature drops, are those who need to pay particular attention

Check for Wear

Tread depth should be checked to ensure it is well above the legal minimum of 1.6mm across the central 3/4 of the tyre, around its entire circumference

This will also allow you to check for any visible damage

Any bulges, irregularities or scuffs to the tyre wall could be a problem, do not drive with bulges on your tyre


Tyre Pressure

This should be a monthly routine. Also, before any long journeys

A lot of newer cars have the onboard computer which tells you if air is needed, I know first hand this isn’t always reliable

Manually checking your tyres at a garage or petrol station is the safest way

Your vehicle manual will have what pressure your tyres should be

Here is a car maintenance tips post that you might find helpful


These are just some checks you can do yourself. You can have some more in-depth checks made at a local garage if you feel you need a second opion

Is there anything you feel is important for a driver to know about their tyres that I haven’t covered?

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Winter Tyres and Car Tyre Maintenance Tips

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