What are Twitter Competitions?

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms and it’s completely free to sign up to and use, whether you are an individual wanting to stay up to date with your friends or a brand using the platform to interact and be an outreach for your fan base

As twitter is free a lot of brands and companies utilise this for their own business and marketing purposes to expand their brand which is a very common and well known practise

Something you will see on Twitter are tweets by companies, brands and bloggers and individuals asking you to follow and retweet; This is often shortened to ‘F and RT’ this can be accompanied with more instructions telling you how to enter the competition, you might be required to comment with a specific word following a hash tag in the comments below the request

Follow means you need to go the home page of the host and click follow under the picture banner at the top right of their page, if you are already a follower it will already say following

You will then need to go to the tweet which has the competition information and retweet it, the retweet option is a symbol underneath the text of 2 arrows in a circular formation, and once you press it you will be asked to confirm your retweet

After you have done this it is often a good idea to write something in the reply option under the tweet, this is a speech bubble symbol you need to click to be able to reply

This can be a great way to get further exposure as a brand as you are increasing your fan base hence why they offer prizes for sharing their brand

You can follow me on twitter so see some of the competitions I have entered myself https://twitter.com/wotawomandiary


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