What Are The Black Friday Sales?

Black Friday sales regarded as the first day of the Christmas shopping season

It is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States

It is a day where retailers offer consumers huge discounted items to encourage them to start spending sooner in the lead up to Christmas

Shopping Sales

This was started in the UK by US retailer Amazon followed by Walmart, known in the UK as ASDA and since 2014 a lot more UK based retailers have launched their own Black Friday Sales

Some of the larger shopping brands extend their Black Friday sales to the whole weekend and some even going over a 4 day weekend to make the most of the inflated consumer spending

There can be queue’s of people outside stores waiting for them to open in order to get in and pick up a bargain, websites have been known to crash due to the amount of people spending at one time

Use a list

One way I make the most of the sales is by making an Amazon wish list; I add all the things I am hoping to buy in the sales whether they are for me, my family or for Christmas presents. Anyone with an Amazon account can create a wish list, it is free and you are able to change the settings on each list from private to public or vice versa depending whether you are planning on sharing your wish list with friends and family

It is also a good idea to make a spreadsheet of the original costs of the items you are looking to buy and work out how much you can afford and you can monitor your spending. I personally get a little overwhelmed when I see a bargain and a 50% off sign so sticking to a list I find helps m stay on track and not spend more than I can afford

There is always hype and talk about the Black Friday sales well in advance and if you are a social media junkie like me you wont be able to miss when it is going to be happening

Let me know what you are looking to buy in the comments below

Happy shopping


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