The Best Ways to Cool Down in a Heatwave

We’re a strange bunch, aren’t we? It’s pretty much too hot, or too cold, except for one perfect week in May, when it’s just right. We spend months and months hoping summer will come, only to then spend the little bit that we do get complaining that it’s too hot. Even those of us that do enjoy the sunshine can start to find it a little much. It’s lovely to be sitting in 30-degree heat when you are on holiday, relaxing by a cool pool with a chilled cocktail. It’s not quite as nice when you’ve got to go to work, wear more than a bikini, do the housework and take care of the kids or family. Then, it can start to get a little uncomfortable pretty quickly. If you love the sun, but you’re starting to struggle with the heat, here are some ways to cool down and keep yourself comfortable.

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Stress is never going to help. The last thing that you want when it’s hot outside is to find yourself with a massive to-do list and lots to worry about. So, take a look at your worries. If you’ve got financial issues, check out for possible help. If you’ve got a lot on at work, prioritise what needs doing, and if you’ve got home worries, sit down with your partner and have a good chat. It’s hard enough to sleep when it’s boiling outside without stress and worry keeping you up too.


Let Things Slide

While we’re getting rid of stress and worry, let’s also cut some things off our to-do lists. When it’s this hot, no one cares if your house is perfectly spotless. No one’s going to want to be inside anyway. Don’t spend your free time rushing around cleaning and tidying. Let things slide a little bit and give yourself a break.


Get a Paddling Pool

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If you’ve got kids or friends with kids, and they’ve got a paddling pool, you’ve probably found yourself sticking your feet in the cold water while you supervise their play. Cool feet make everything feel better and water is incredibly relaxing. If you want to spend time sitting outside in your garden, by yourself a small pool to rest your feet in.


Loose Clothing


The worst thing about the heat is having to wear normal work clothes. So, don’t. Buy some loose-fitting cotton trousers, skirts, shorts and shirts. Even if you have to cover up, loose clothing is much less restrictive and will help to keep you cool.


Drink Lots of Water


Dehydration is a very real problem when it’s so warm. Many people become unwell with anything from a mild headache to a trip to the hospital with severe dehydration. Make sure you drink lots of water, and even more if you are exercising to keep yourself cool and hydrated throughout the day. Freeze a bottle of tap water overnight (leaving a little room for the water to expand as it freezes) and take it out with you when you leave for work or school the next day. See for more information about dehydration.


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