Quick Daily Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning your home is a chore you can’t really hide from, unless you have a cleaner

The chores can be both daily and weekly depending on your lifestyle

A place I find I can clean so much quicker by doing a few simple tasks daily, is the bathroom

Here are some quick bathroom cleaning hacks



You stand on the floor when you get out of the bath or shower. This will be wet a lot of the time because of this

When the floor is wet and not clean you can get mould and mildew growing, which can look and smell unpleasant

Invest in a handy bathroom mop like this one, it will clean the floor and remove an excess water

If you would rather not invest in a mop and use a cheaper alternative these floor wipes are fantastic

Most wipes are not flushable and need to be put in the bin rather than flushed down the toilet



The toilet can be a hot bed for germs, keeping the toilet clean is crucial for your health

A toilet bleach and a disinfectant will help keep it clean and germ free, squirt these around the rim of the toilet and scrub with the toilet brush

You can also use wipes. Just ensure when you wipe the toilet you start with the top of the lid, then the set and lastly the toilet. This is to avoid transfer of any germs which were on the inside to the outside



The sink is most likely to be the most used item in your bathroom, its where you wash your hands and where you brush your teeth

You sink can suffer for a build up of limescale and this will show on the taps and in the sink itself

You can avoid any unpleasant build ups by spraying the area with a limescale remover like this one 



Your bath can also suffer with excess limescale build up if not cleaned

As well as limescale you will get soap scum and dirt build up around the tub itself, a simple cleaner such as this flash will help breakdown the dirt

You will need to give the bath a once over with a cleaning sponge if you have any heavy build up. If you use bath oils while bathing, there tends to be more that needs to be washed down to keep the bath clean


This isn’t a complete list of bathroom cleaning tasks, everyone has a different bathroom and a routine to fit in with their life

These are some hacks that I have found help with keeping my bathroom clean and nice to use

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Let me know if you have any bathroom products you swear by or any other cleaning tips you do daily

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Quick Daily Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

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