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Myself like most people buy items online, paying for goods can leave you feeling wary as there is so much talk about online scams and being conned out of money for goods which seemed to be genuine

I have been victim of online fraud through a Facebook group. I bought from a seller who seemed established within the selling group and £300 later and an ongoing police investigation I feel I might never see the money again or receive what I bought

The seller sold the same item to a number of people within the group and only 1 person actually received it, I think there were at least 4 of us that I know of who paid for the item

Naturally I went to the police and filled in an online fraud claim form which is what you are advised to do when you contact them to get your crime reference number and from there it’s out of your hands, you provide as much information as you can and they follow it up for you

My claim has been going on for at least 4 months now to the point when I write this and if and when i get any outcome I will post a follow up on the post. You are advised to wait 28 days when you file the claim before you get any feedback, I did get an email about a month after saying they are busy and they will deal with my claim when they can but haven’t heard anymore since

I paid for the goods by bank transfer and if I had paid with PayPal via their goods and services option, the same way you buy and sell goods on eBay I would have my money back way before now. PayPal offers buyers protection against such scams, yes I might have had to pay an extra couple of pound to cover the fees the seller would have got charged but I wouldn’t have lost all this money. If you make a bank transfer and do not receive the goods your bank can not recall the money, i found out the hard way

If you are buying or trading online in Facebook groups or on Gumtree insist on paying for items via PayPal goods and services so you have the peace of mind that you will either get your item or at least get your money back

I can safely say I have learnt my lesson it might have cost me £300 but I’m thankful it wasn’t more

PayPal is completely free to use as a consumer and you register with them and make an account which you link your bank account and or cards up to along with an email address

Paypal have an app which makes it even easier to use when you are on the go as well and can’t get to a PC to access their web version

We all like a bargain but at what cost…


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