My Bathroom Renovation

Having a nice big family bathroom is important to me and when I bought my most recent house I wasn’t put off by the size of the small bathroom instead I saw past that and saw the potential in the amount of bedrooms there were and how I could use this to create the bathroom and space I wanted to make me happy

The original bathroom in my house was a very small room which had just a basin and an old cast iron bath and left just enough space to stand by the basin and open the door, the toilet was in a small room directly next to it, which once again left enough space to get into the room and open the door



After speaking with my plumber and builder who would be doing the work for me I knew what my options were and how I could achieve the room that I wanted, it was not going to be a small task but I would still have full access to the old bathroom while the work was being done just not the toilet, which was fine as I have a downstairs toilet as well










Walls in the landing were knocked out along with some built in cupboards to make the landing area bigger. The wall between the toilet room and a bedroom were knocked down as were the original door ways to open up the rooms as these were now going to become the new much more spacious family bathroom

The existing ceilings and floors were all removed and the room completely stripped and re-plastered ready for the work of assembling and installing to start

The new pipe work for water and the new electrical wiring was all put in place and walls were chased out so pipes could sit under the surface and be flush after they were tiled


A new window was needed which was installed with a satin finish obscurity so there were no designs on the glass to make it obscure it had a dull film to ensure privacy from the outside while being in the bathroom

The bathroom tiles, adhesive, grout and tile edge trim I bought from B&Q  and I am extremely happy with the quality of the tile and the ease of cutting them too







Extremely happy with the results




I am still looking for a huge mirror for the wall above the bath and a large storage cabinet to go on the wall to house all the clean towels and products that need to be in the bathroom but so far haven’t found ones that I am that keen on so will keep looking

The old bathroom has been ripped out and most of the walls have had the tiles removed, it will need re-plastering as the walls are too damaged to be able to decorate over the top of, this room will end up becoming either the study or a single bedroom

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