What Is Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is an annual celebration which honors the female mother figure in your life and depending in which country you live or you are from it is celebrated in different months

The date changes every year in the UK because it is linked to the Christian calendar but it usually falls in late March or early April and is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which is three weeks before Easter Sunday (mmmm chocolate)

This celebration is traditionally a Christian religious festival to celebrate Mother Church during the holy festival not actually motherhood and is referred to as Mothering Sunday

Over the years as modern traditions have changed Mother’s Day has become commercialised, we now shower our mother figure with cards and gifts, which personally I am a fan of any excuse for presents, buying and receiving I like the gesture

I am one of five children, and being the only daughter and I do have a really good relationship with my mum, we often have lunch dates and go shopping so when it comes to Mothers Day I like to treat her to some extra special gifts, could well be sibling rivalry but I always like to buy the best present

(My mum and I)

Last year I thought it would be nice for us to go and do something together as part of her Mother’s Day gift, my mum is always complaining about having her photo taken and feeling uncomfortable when being photo graphed so I booked for us to go and have a make over and photo shoot. Primarily this was just for her so she could have some nice pictures of herself however, it was so much fun and we had a great time doing the poses together that most of the pictures I bought her were of both of us


This year I am attending The Glamour Beauty Festival which is being held in The Saatchi Gallery in London, my tickets which I won with OGXBeautyUK on Instagram are for Mother’s Day so I wont actually see my mum on Mother’s Day this year which is the first for a long time but im sure it will be worth it

I am always well prepared with buying gifts and I bought my mum’s Mother;s day presents earlier in the month, I have bought her  No7 Restore and Renew Multi action cosmetics bundle from Boots which I know she wanted and even better it was reduced by £53, huge saving which I am really pleased about

As well as Thornton’s Continental Heart Box of chocolates, I take after her we are both hardcore chocolate fans and Thornton is right up there on our favourites list

I haven’t bothered ordering flowers this year as after speaking to my brothers that is what they are intending to get her so she should have a couple of pretty bouquets, but I did have a look on a few sites as I love the Mothers day bouquets and the site Serenta Flowers have some stunning designs

Hope all the mum’s get some lovely treats from their children I would love to know what you were bought or if you have any family traditions which you do each year on Mother’s Day

I will let you all know how the Glamour Beauty festival goes I will try and do a post about the day and share with you what my goodie bag includes

Happy Mother’s Day xx


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