What is a micro influencer and the benefits of hiring them

There’s been a huge spike in Influencer Marketing over the last few years, but what is a micro influencer and what is the benefit of hiring them to launch your product?

Micro Influencer

They are everyday people who have over 3,000 followers on their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, which usually revolves around a particular passion or niche

They’re relatable, genuine and trustworthy, key attributes when it comes to marketing

Different to an influencer who most likely to be a celebrity, and have a huge social following because of who they are, in the public eye

Launching an influencer campaign is effectively word-of-mouth marketing, which is why campaigns for brands seem to do well when lots of micro influencers are involved

What An Influencer Does

These micro influencers ‘influence’ every day, whether there is a payment involved or not

Pretty much everything they post on social media features some sort of brand in it, which drives awareness and trust to said brand simply by having it in there

Being able to promote using a wide range of micro influencers allows brands to compete with established brands

Why brands should consider micro influencers

  1.  Ad-Blocking – 26% of desktop users and 15% of mobile users use adblocking software. Therefore your sponsored ads and pop up adds will not be seen using digital marketing
  2. Trust – Studies have shown 92% of consumers have more trust in recommendations from other people rather than brand content, even if they are complete strangers
  3. Real – Micro Influencers are not only real people, but they have their social following for a reason, and catching on to that niche is crucial for engagement
  4. Honest – If the product isn’t something that the influencer likes,  or a product they simply do not agree with, they will be honest

Where to find influencers

This bit is the easy bit…you see them every day on your social media

Whether you checked out their profile because they posted some content you liked. Maybe they have a particular good picture which you liked

Maybe you noticed you had a lot of friends in common with one, so you followed them because of that




All of these platforms give people a social out reach. Brands and businesses old and new can typically contact the micro influencer via a messaging service on each platform

Benefits for the brand

You aren’t going to spend your whole marketing budget on one high profile celebrity influencer, hoping it pays off

Hiring an array of micro influencers the product or brand is going to be seen further and wider audience

People will be seeing genuine, honest feedback of your product

Honesty is the best policy for relating to your audience, and what better way to launch than by flooding the market with honest micro influencers. Rather than one un-relatable celebrity who everyone knows is only using your brand because they were paid to

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