Maintaining A Self-Care Routine During A Busy Work Week





Regular readers of this blog will know that self-care is an important part of a healthy lifestyle

If you don’t take care of number one, nobody else will pitch in

Learn more by checking out this blog post 

However, there’s a difference between understanding self-care is essential and pulling off a weekly routine

What with work and the kids, it can be almost impossible to schedule some “me” time

There aren’t enough hours in a day.

The key is to develop a routine and stick to it religiously for the sake of your wellbeing

Below are the hacks which will make it possible.

Spot The Signs

The first step in any recovery session is to accept that you need help. Lots of women don’t invest in the self-care theory and suffer as a result. And, even if you do, you might be in denial

Thankfully, the body is a wonderful thing and will step in on your behalf

Sometimes, it makes you nervous or anxious and unable to think clearly; other times it points out your tiredness levels

 These are warning signs that a self-care session needs scheduling as soon as possible

Be on the lookout and get ready to act if you see something untoward.

Become An Early Riser

There are never enough hours in a day because you wake up too late

Seven in the morning might seem early, yet it doesn’t give you enough time to fit in the essentials

For example, plenty of women take a rain check regarding exercise in the evening

Why? It’s because they’re tired and can’t be bothered once they get home after a long day at work

By setting aside forty minutes in the morning, there are no excuses

Not when you have to help

Plus, ticking off stuff in the morning leaves you with extra flexibility in the afternoon and evening

Use Your Job

Not everybody can do this but some people do have access to helpful resources at work

Take a sports masseuse. Due to the nature of the role, they can learn about what it takes to create a self-care routine and stick to it

Asking other professionals in the workplace is a massive help as it will uncover incredible secrets

Just studying to become a massage therapist can be supportive

Https:// has more 

Other than that, be sure to use the perks to your advantage

Free healthcare, a gym membership and flexitime are convenient when used correctly

Separate Your Life

“Me” time means what it says on the tin

Bonding with a partner or your children is an amazing experience, but it’s still too many people

When kids are involved, you automatically do what they want which means you won’t concentrate on yourself

With that in mind, try and find ways to compartmentalise your life

You can do it by taking up new hobbies (alone) or going out for drinks with friends

Either way, save the family stuff for when you get back

During your alone time, it’s vital that you are selfish and take care of numero uno

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  1. Margaret Gallagher
    21/01/2019 / 07:31

    Excellent – I do struggle at times – tome to incorporate your suggestions

  2. Amy SIMPSON
    22/02/2019 / 09:11

    Thanks for this guide x

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