What Is The Importance Of Self Care


So, what is self-care, and why is it so important? As it turns out, there are many different self-care practices, and not all of them suit everyone

Generally self care is where you do something for you, no one else but you

This could be doing something mentally stimulating that you enjoy

Or this could a physical task that you either do, a place you go or a service or treatment that you have

The importance of self care is that you look after yourself

The actions you take for yourself, in order to develop, protect, maintain and improve your health, wellbeing or wellness

The average person suffers 3 symptoms of neglecting self care in any fortnight cycle

With the most common being fatigue, stress and headaches

These 3 most common symptoms can be resolved through self care

The Benefits

Productive – Learning what is best for you will help you enjoy your life more. Those moments when you say “no” to things that over-extend you and start making time for things that matter to you. Your whole out look on existing and creating will be much more focused, making you more productive

Self-esteem – Looking after your wants and needs sends positive messages to your subconscious. Making time for yourself will naturally enhance how you feel about yourself.  This can go a long way toward discouraging negative self-talk and criticism

Knowledge – Getting to know yourself and start thinking about what you really love to do.  Understanding your mind and body better can sometimes  help you make those life changing decisions for the better of you. Sometimes, this can even spark a change the huge life events, like a new job or love interest

Resistance – There is evidence that supports that the more self-care activities you partake in the better, meaning that your body goes into a restful and rejuvenating mode. This will help your immune system and can see you suffering less with colds and viruses

Generosity – You can not pour from an empty cup, you must fill your cup first. This quote describes it perfectly.  Having all those other benefits will make you a more generous person. You already have the resources to make yourself happy and now you can help others too

We all have different lives and spend our days differently

These are some benefits I feel everyone can benefit from,  these are not specific to a type of person or type of lifestyle

Let me know in the comment below, if you think there are other benefits that come from self care?

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What Is The Importance Of Self Care



  1. Amy simpson
    19/10/2018 / 07:42

    Thanks for the tips xx

  2. A S,Edinburgh
    19/10/2018 / 21:43

    I’m glad the concept has gained visibility in recent years. It’s so important.

  3. bev
    20/10/2018 / 08:20

    I regularly force an hour of me time. Even if it’s just watching a Ripper Street or reading a book – I swear by it.

  4. 23/10/2018 / 18:29

    I have to take a break and have some me time, in the week it will be getting off the computer and doing some yoga, at the weekends sitting down with a glass of wine and watching a good film.

  5. Chloe Taylor
    29/10/2018 / 07:39

    My self care is to make sure I nourish myself properly due to suffering with anorexia. I need to ensure I relax and deal with stress in better ways such as mindfulness.

  6. Tracy Nixon
    29/10/2018 / 07:56

    Thanks for the tips!

  7. Evette Williams
    29/10/2018 / 08:22

    If we don’t look after ourselves, who will?! Giving myself me time is very important to my wellbeing.

  8. Kim Coate
    29/10/2018 / 08:29

    My self care is to take time out to read a new book curled up in bed or sitting in the sun

  9. Dawn Samples
    29/10/2018 / 08:38

    A lot of women tend to put their needs to the bottom of the list especially when you have young children. You need to take time to care for your needs too so you are a happier person to be around x

  10. Kelly glen
    29/10/2018 / 08:56

    I regularly take time out to just have some peace and quiet, it’s important we all take some self care so everything doesn’t get to much.

  11. Elaine Savage
    29/10/2018 / 09:34

    self-care is food for the soul, don’t miss breakfast!

  12. Tanya
    29/10/2018 / 10:36

    Great tips

  13. Jo McPherson
    29/10/2018 / 10:59

    Self-care is incredibly important, I like to take some time to lie on my bed in peace and read a book – even if its only for 15 minutes it helps

  14. Kathleen marsden
    29/10/2018 / 11:03

    I always drink plenty of water to hydrate my skin and keep it healthy

  15. Daniela Marra
    29/10/2018 / 11:34

    Self care prepares you for the day ahead. It keeps me sane, motivated and confident.

  16. Helen Tovell
    29/10/2018 / 14:20

    Self care is of upmost important especially as we are often the ones who get the least time for it

  17. nicola dean
    29/10/2018 / 15:15

    Self care is so important but it is often overlooked when you have a busy life and put other family members first.

  18. Amy simpson
    29/10/2018 / 15:37

    Thanks for these great self help tips xx

  19. Aysha Begum
    29/10/2018 / 16:03

    As a first time mum, i would always feel guilty of leaving my daughter to go have some ‘me time’ but I’ve learnt that having some self care is so important it makes you less stressed and relaxed. I love going for a coffee with my friend’s or having a pamper session.

  20. Jennifer Moville
    29/10/2018 / 18:46

    Brilliant site, very helpful

  21. Julie Edwards
    29/10/2018 / 19:37

    As a lot of working mum’s I feel guilty for taking time for me. It helps me to have at least an hour doing something just for me, whether it be reading, writing, listening to music or just a mini pamper session. Taking this time for self care helps me as I feel refreshed, revitalized and look forward to quality time with my gorgeous family less stressed.

  22. Margaret Clarkson
    30/10/2018 / 05:41

    Thank you for the information, sometimes this is so hard to do, yet it is vital.

  23. Margaret GALLAGHER
    30/10/2018 / 05:46

    Excellent So important to wellbeing

  24. Amanda noble
    30/10/2018 / 07:14

    Self care to me is taking time out to promote your own physical and mental well-being.Sometimes it’s hard finding the time when you have a busy life with work and kids etc…but ultimately it is SO worth it and has such a beneficial effect on your overall quality of life x

  25. Sarah Mcvicar
    30/10/2018 / 11:44

    Thanks for the great tips! x

  26. judy kennedy
    30/10/2018 / 16:29

    I try and read a few chapters of my favourite book ad get totally distracted

  27. Jackie Howell
    30/10/2018 / 18:01

    I always have some downtime for myself whether it is to read, swim or cook I need this ‘me’ time.

  28. Arshavi shah
    30/10/2018 / 18:07

    With a busy routine and new born one forget about self care thanks.for the post and reminding me

  29. Kelly Knowles
    30/10/2018 / 18:17

    I think my secret has to be once the children go to bed, i have a hour of reading and music

  30. maddalena dalton
    30/10/2018 / 20:20

    I like to go out cycling its me time x

  31. Rebecca
    31/10/2018 / 09:20

    Interesting. Great tips x

  32. Ruth Harwood
    31/10/2018 / 10:28

    I make sure to have at least an hour a day to read, and 20 mins for my yoga as well as a ten minute break in the day to sit and blank my mind to forget all the chaos!!

  33. Chloe Davies
    31/10/2018 / 13:43

    Some great tips here – I’m definitely guilty of not making enough time to have some ‘me time’ and practice some self care x

  34. Peter Watson
    31/10/2018 / 14:49

    Self-care is part of Oram’s model of nursing

  35. Helen Arlow
    31/10/2018 / 18:35

    As I’ve got older, I’ve started to realise the importance of self care. For me, I try to have at least half an hour a day to myself. I love curling up with a good book to relax

  36. Andrea Dimmick
    31/10/2018 / 19:27

    I need self care time, exercise is one of those times where I get to feel energised again.

  37. Justine Meyer
    31/10/2018 / 20:22

    Great tips but I find it near imposible for any self care.

  38. Louise Rugeroni
    01/11/2018 / 12:09

    Thanks for the tips. I find self care so hard since having kids, it’s good to be reminded of the importance of me time.

  39. Rich Tyler
    01/11/2018 / 13:30

    You always need to make time for self-care!

  40. Sarah-Jane Carter
    01/11/2018 / 14:17

    I make sure I get enough sleep, eat good food and rest when I need too xx

  41. Ellen Stafford
    01/11/2018 / 20:28

    Great tips. I think it’s really important to get sleep. If I don’t have enough it makes me feel really awful.

  42. Rebecca Nisbet
    02/11/2018 / 22:53

    I use to be all about me time before I had my daughter, but since I have had her i literally force my other half on a night out, and when my daughter is in bed I can have me time. I am not one for being sociable all the time, I think because my job involves a lot of talking. So it is nice just to be on my own and not feel like I have to talk all the time.

  43. Helen Stratton
    03/11/2018 / 12:16

    It is very important that we take the time out to look after ourselves, but we so rarely do!

  44. Ling Yip
    03/11/2018 / 17:36

    Thanks for highlighting the importance of self care! I suffer with anxiety and mild depression so I must do more for myself to help stop me dwelling!

  45. cheryl hadfield
    03/11/2018 / 19:31

    I love walking it helps me de-stress

  46. Lynda Graham
    04/11/2018 / 09:06

    I always find that 10 -15 minutes pure “Me time” having a cuppa on a morning, enjoying that time and just thinking calmly about the day ahead any ‘to do’s,’ plans etc.- sets me up and gets my mind active and ready for action

  47. maria gill
    04/11/2018 / 09:52

    Recovering from a very serious illness, the importance of self-care is paramount to me right now! I am currently writing a list of positive things to help my physical and mental recovery!

  48. Lorna Ledger
    04/11/2018 / 10:24

    great tips, I have MS and I do a bit daily. I am glad it’s becoming more well known 🙂

  49. Jade P
    04/11/2018 / 10:49

    I’m not very good with self care..I struggle with the process of it. But I’ll be taking note of your post!

  50. Jo m welsh
    04/11/2018 / 15:32

    Some great tips I struggle with self care especially since I had the kids and tend to forget myself a bit.

  51. Carrie-Lou Talbot-Ashby
    04/11/2018 / 16:20

    I have always found self care to be very important, happy healthy Mummy = happy healthy kids! 😉 Thanks for your post! x

  52. Nikki Hayes
    04/11/2018 / 18:30

    We all need time for ourselves – I like to sit in my armchair reading a good book with a mug of hot chocolate :o)

  53. Heather Haigh
    05/11/2018 / 05:07

    All very important. I try to start each day by reflecting on what I want to do each day and ending it by reflecting on what I have been grateful for today.

  54. Lia Burns
    05/11/2018 / 11:26

    Self care is so so important for your mental health, I make sure I have an hour every night to myself once the kids are in bed to do something I love, may it be binging on Netflix or reading a book, I always feel better afterwards x

  55. Andrea Miles
    05/11/2018 / 12:13

    really interesting post

  56. Carol Thomas
    05/11/2018 / 22:33

    Once a week the face peel goes on, I do my facial exercises (found on Google for helping keep the lines away) followed by a long shower, body scrub and hair treatment on top of the usual. It’s also tweezers eyebrow night too.

    Besides that I have 4 weekly reflexology, 4 weekly full fave threading and use guided meditation morning to come round and night to settle for bed. Yes I do a lot. Having health issues makes me more keen on doing fit me

  57. sarah m
    06/11/2018 / 02:57

    Self-care is so important especially nowadays where we are constantly comparing ourselves to others x

  58. Tess D
    06/11/2018 / 09:51

    great tips x I try and take an hour of me time every day even if it’s just a long soak in the bath

  59. brenda heads
    06/11/2018 / 15:06

    I make sure I do some exercise and walking every day it enables me to get a good nights sleep.

  60. Amy Bondoc
    06/11/2018 / 19:04

    what a wonderful post, ill be sharing these tips with my teenage daughter, i think sometimes her confidence is low x

  61. Katrina Adams
    07/11/2018 / 08:09

    This was an interesting read. I have been trying not to go “off sick” from work for several months, because it has been ingrained in me that if you are well enough to work you work. For me that constituted that if I could get up, get dressed and leave the house then I was “well”. It didn’t occur to me that all the effort I had was going into those acts and I had no quality of life outside of work (or even really in work) because I wasn’t looking after myself. I have chronic illnesses so self-care is something that should be really important but I just couldn’t get my head wrapped round it. Yesterday Occupational Health told me I need to take time away from work….not as “sick” but as recuperation and rehabilitation. The concept of enjoying the time off when I am effectively off sick is completely foreign to me but it shows that even work places are seeing the importance of self-care!

  62. kris mc
    07/11/2018 / 10:57

    Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing

  63. maria
    07/11/2018 / 11:31

    I try to take some time out of my week for me meditation yoga etc I feel since I have been doing that I am less stressed and less snappy 🙂

  64. Andrea Fletcher
    08/11/2018 / 16:23

    Self care is so important even if it is only reading a book for 1/2 hour or having a bubbly bath.

  65. Natalie Bates
    09/11/2018 / 21:57

    omg this is just pefect

  66. Sheila Reeves (CakeReev)
    10/11/2018 / 08:38

    I think our bodies and brains need that time away from “stuff” sometimes I have so many things going round my head that I can’t be productive – I NEED that moment for me, just need to practice doing it!

  67. kate tibbs
    10/11/2018 / 14:09

    so important to have self care time to recharge your spirits, love a cup of tea in the bath and then to use body butter afterwards x

  68. Sarah Robinson
    10/11/2018 / 23:03

    Brilliant post… really think I need to make more time for myself! This prize would be brilliant x

  69. Vanessa EARLE
    12/11/2018 / 08:53

    My favourite self care treat is to have a massage once a week. Your article makes me feel it’s ok to have some me time!

  70. Ashleigh Allan
    12/11/2018 / 21:33

    I do a lot of walking!

  71. Sharon l Catterall
    13/11/2018 / 17:14

    self care is important your mental health,i like to listen to uplifting music and read ,it helps me to relax after a stressful day

  72. 15/11/2018 / 13:55

    A good skin care product is really hard to find. Just go to a good dermatologist clinic to help you.

  73. Iris Tilley
    18/11/2018 / 12:07

    There’s alot of good facts here take away guilt is a good start in taking action not always easy I’m such a big softy and give into others needs before my own.

  74. Daniela Marra
    18/11/2018 / 20:51

    I drink plenty of water throughout the day, I make sure I take a long soak in the bath with lovely skincare salts.

  75. 19/11/2018 / 17:12

    Yes, completely agree with this. People need to recharge and take 10 minutes out of each day for themselves. I find reflecting upon each day for 5 minutes before bed really helps me too.

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