How to keep your dogs cool in the heat

We are all feeling the heat in the Summer sun especially our canine friends

Here are a few tips on how to keep them cool

  • Do not leave your dog in a car for any period of time
  • Only take your dog for a walk early morning or later on at night, as the suns rays increase the temperature of the pavement causing burns and painful pads
  • Walk only on grass areas where possible
  • If they have long fur or require grooming as a general maintenance of their coat, go slightly shorter on their trim this time. Their fur does also offer protection against the UV rays so not too short, as sunburn can also be painful and damaging
  • Pamper your dogs with wet towels, this will help them cool down and stay cooler for longer by leaving their coats wet
  • Make some dog friendly ice treats for them to crunch on, frozen apple slices is a favourite of my dogs
  • Ensure they have an ample supply of fresh clean water, kept in a non-metallic bowl and in the shade

Cooling Down

You will notice that your furry friend will be panting more, this is to help circulate air through their bodies to help them cool down

Dogs can not sweat through their skin like humans do, extreme and increased panting can also be a sign of heat stroke

Lots of dogs do like to lay in the sun when they can but typically know their own limits, and will seek the shade when they need to. Ensure there are places for them to keep cool and keep out of the sun

Extra Measures

There are some products you can use to keep your dog cool, such as a self cooling mat, this is a bed for them to lay on which is filled with a non-toxic gel, which is 5-10 degrees lower than the room temperature

As you can see Bonny is thoroughly enjoying her cooling mat

There are also cooling vests, which you can soak in water and put on your dog to help keep them wet, therefore cooler for longer

You can also consider buying your pets their own paddling pool for the garden

Consider all animals in the extreme heat, it is not so easy for them to make themselves a cold drink and head inside to the sofa

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