How To Make Slimming World Chips

Slimming World is a diet plan I follow on and off but one part of the diet I stick to is the slimming world chips

I actually prefer eating these chips than any shop bought oven chip

You can make them buy peeling and chopping the potatoes into the desired sizes, I like mine more of a wedge size than fries I think they cook a bit better in the oven too, some people enjoy the skin on potatoes so just make sure they are suitably washed first

I lay them on a baking tray and spray them with Fry Light cooking spray, when making these I use the Butter Flavour Fry Light but they do come in a variety of different flavours








I then sprinkle pinches Spice’n’Tice Barbecue spice over them to add a bit of extra flavour, Spice’n’Tice rubs also come in a variety of flavours too they are well worth investing in to add some flavour into your syn free cooking with my 20% discount code “WOT20” just quote this at checkout to save 20% on your basket price








And then bake for 45 minutes at 230 degrees in a pre-heated oven

Cooking times can vary based on the cooker you are using and the temperature your oven can achieve so make sure you are happy that they are cook enough before consuming (cooking time is a guide)


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