Gifts To Buy That Autumn Child Of Yours

People who were born during the autumn months seem to have a special relationship with those dark, chilly nights

While other people look forward to the fun and active spring and summer months, those autumn babies look forward to the time when there are leaves on the ground

The good news is that if they love this type of stuff, then you’ll never be stuck thinking about what to get them as a present

Below, we run through some ideas so warm and cosy that you might just think about buying some for yourself, too.

Gifts To Buy That Autumn Child Of Yours



A Warming Book

There’s nothing better than spending some time in the kitchen when the rain is lashing down outside. It’s the time draw the curtains and cook up a storm!

Help your loved one make their kitchen venture a success by buying them a couple of useful cooking books

At this time of year, there’s really only two types of food that people want to be making: soups, and baked goods. Play your cards right, and you might just find that you’re forever fed warming, delicious foods. Nice!


Cosy Mornings

We think of those dark nights, but what about the mornings? Even autumn lovers can find it difficult to get out of bed when the weather isn’t all that pleasant.

They’d rather stay in the warmth of the bed! But, of course, that’s rarely an option

You can help make it easier for them to begin the day by buying them personalised bathrobes from Richard Haworth. They’ll keep them warm and snug as they make it from the bed to the shower and then onto breakfast and a cup of tea. And talking of tea…


Calm and Serene

We all spend more time indoors than we’d probably like to, so we have to make sure that we’re having a good time there!

On chilly mornings, there’s nothing better than serving up a piping hot cup of tea and spending an enjoyable half an hour in reflective mode

If your relative is a tea lover, then look at adding to their collection. There are a million and one delicious teas available from across the world, some of which are perfect for settling into that cosy hygge feeling.  


Staying Warm

Even the most ardent of autumn lovers will admit that sometimes, the weather can be a bit grim. If it’s rainy and windy for weeks on end, they’ll just be hoping to keep warm for a little while!

So what about a fireplace? Of course, this is only an option if you live there too. If you don’t, you could gift your friend an outdoor fireplace

They’re incredible for enjoying the best of the season, in the outdoors, and staying warm! If all those things are too grand, or they already have a fireplace, look at buying them the ‘Norwegian Wood’ book.

It’s a surprising page-turner and gets you cosy just reading it.


A Night In

If you’re going to be spending months tucked away in your comfortable living room, then you need to have a few things to keep you entertained!

Have they got everything they need to enjoy their autumn months? If not, look at filling in the gaps

You can buy them a box set of movies or television shows on DVD, or get them a Netflix subscription. That way, they’ll always have something to occupy their time…especially when the rainy weather starts to get a little old.


New Clothes

After the summer warmth has gone, there’s nothing better than pulling on those old favourite jumpers and such, ready to tackle the newly arrived chill!

Well, there’s one thing that’s better: pulling on new favourites! If your loved one loves the autumn chill, then make sure he or she is ready to tackle it by gifting them some new gear. A thick new jumper, or down jacket will make them eager to see the cold temperatures arrive. No matter how hard that cold wind blows, they’ll have the right item of clothing to protect their body.


Books and Candles

Of course, sometimes it’s possible to overthink things. If your loved one loves autumn, then they’ll be happy to see books and candles in copious amounts on their birthday! They’ll have everything they need to enjoy the season to the max. There’s nothing better than sinking into a good book as you’re surrounded by candles

Any and all of the above gifts will go down a storm with that relative who loves the autumn season!

*this is a collaborative post

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  1. A S,Edinburgh
    17/11/2018 / 12:33

    I love these ideas so much; they’re so thoughtful.

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