What are Facebook competitions?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and it’s completely free to sign up to and use

Whether you are an individual wanting to stay up to date with your friends or a brand using Facebook to interact and be an outreach for your fan base, Facebook is a great social tool to do this

Being a free site many brands and companies are utilising this facility to promote their own brand with advertising and special offers on their page, or running giveaways to help with brand awareness

These are completely free ways for companies to advertise, Facebook does offer boost options to business page posts to help reach a wider audience, these posts cost the brand but they guarantee exposure to a selected number of people based on how much you pay, these you will see in your news feed called sponsored posts.

A popular way to advertise a brand or company is to offer a prize to its fan base

You are encouraged to interact with the page and share the promotion amongst your friends, therefore spreading the brand and making the page more known

This form of advertising is more cost effective than paying to do a marketing campaign through an external broadcaster, and at least through Facebook one of your fans gets rewarded with a prize

How to enter

Most pages will publish a post with specific entry criteria which can consist of liking their page, commenting on the post, sharing the post or their page, tagging a specific amount of friends in the comments section below the post or commenting a specific word

There are rules set by Facebook on how a company can promote a giveaway to its audience, but ultimately to enter its giveaway you have to do as asked in their prize post

The rules can be read here

There are many groups and communities who are set up specifically to share these social media competitions and you can make friends with like minded people who also enjoy entering competitions online

I will also share some of the competitions I enter on my Facebook group which you can find here 

Take a look at what I won in one of the Facebook competitions I entered here 

Hope you are lucky


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