Dinner Parties 101: Host It Like A Boss

Dinner Parties 101: Host It Like A Boss

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a dinner party virgin or whether you’ve been hosting evening soirees since the dawn of time, you can always enhance your gatherings

Your guests will be expecting gastronomic flair, a comfortable ambience and perfect hosting skills. You might have the first two in the bag, but you are running around like a headless chicken so much trying to ensure your evening goes without a hitch that you’re pretty sure that your hosting skills could do with some improvement

Take a look at how you can host your dinner party like a boss and make your evening go from distinctly average to out of this world


Get The Invites Out Early

It’s vital that you create a guest list that ensures a perfect blend of personalities around your dinner table. Don’t invite Dave if you know that he doesn’t get along with Sam and sit them together to watch the sparks fly. Instead, decide who you’ll invite based on the sort of atmosphere you want at your soiree

The chances are you want quite a relaxed affair so the party animals that you know need not apply. Don’t invite everyone in your little black book; the optimum numbers is six or eight

This way you have the intimacy of a small gathering, but your guests aren’t stuck talking to the same person all evening if they don’t want to. When you have your guest list solidified, you can then sort out table settings, and seating plans to maximise good conversation.


Keep The Drink Flowing

There’s nothing worse at a dinner party than your guests having to continually ask if there’s anymore plonk to go round. It can make you look a little cheap at worst and forgetful at best. Ensure that you have your wines from Oddbins on hand and keep the whites refrigerated and the reds at room temperature. You don’t have to be pretentious and serve a specific wine with every course. However, if you know the perfect Rioja to go with your chateaubriand main, then serve it up. You want to offer your guests an experience that they won’t forget in a hurry.


The Food

Being the perfect dinner party host also means that you need to be able to cook at least three decent courses. Don’t try and get away with two because this is simply a stay at home dinner. Consider the balance of your courses. It’s always a good idea to opt for a lighter meal rather than selecting a chunky soup, meat pie and sticky steamed pudding. Your guests won’t be able to move at the end of the evening if you go all out on the calories and sheer mass of their grub

Consider the food that you love to eat. Think about your travels, the best dish you have recently eaten in a restaurant or the Nigella recipe that you have only just perfected

Try and emulate these into your dinner party and cook from the heart. Cooking by numbers and following bog standard recipes are a little boring so show a bit more flair and cook some Thai tapas, a Greek meze or a chilli chocolate fondant

A dinner party should be fun, not just for the guests, but for the host as well. Follow this guide, and you will be hosting your next dinner party like a boss

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