Celebrating Life At A Funeral

Celebrating Life At A Funeral



Planning a funeral is a weird sensation. No one wants to ever say goodbye to someone they love, and a funeral can be a depressing and dark place to be when you finally say goodbye. If you want to plan a successful funeral this year for your loved one, you can do a few things to make the experience more of a life celebration.


Make It Personal

The first thing you will want to ensure when planning a funeral for your lost family is to make it personal. Every single person on this planet is unique, and your loved one will have had their own hobbies and loves that you want to carry through this day to remember them. When planning with your local funeral directors make sure you can bring some personal touches into the church such as some art they have drawn, a slideshow of photographs from their life and other things.


Add Colour

The tradition for a funeral is that everyone wears black as a sign for mourning, however would your loved one want you to all be wearing black?

Maybe they have a favourite colour which they always used to wear… you can choose a colour which you know they loved and make everyone wear this instead

It is another way to lighten the mood ever so slightly and to also make sure that everyone remembers your loved one for who they were when they were alive.


Bring In Music

Music can be a perfect way to set the tone for the funeral, and you can try to avoid the regular songs which play during a procession by bringing your own choice of their favourite music

Your loved one will likely have a few favourite songs and songs which represent them perfectly, and you can play these during the day to make people remember and to give everyone a more personal thing to think about during the day.


Make Jokes

Making jokes at someone’s funeral might seem like the last thing you should do, but in actual fact it could be the best possible thing that you can do for everyone attending

A funeral is a horrible affair and people of all ages come to this place with a pit in their stomachs and a hole in their hearts. No one can think about laughing or smiling and this can make for a sombre feeling throughout the day

You can lighten the mood by telling funny stories and jokes about the person you love. Make everyone laugh for a moment or two and you will make them feel better

The whole room will lift and the spirits of each person in the crowd will rise.



Last but by no means least, make sure to smile. When you say your final goodbye to the person you love, you should smile and remember who they were when they were here

They will always be with your in your memories and there is nothing more valuable than that, so smile and wave them off to their final resting place

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