Why do we celebrate Easter with Easter Eggs

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb on the third day after his crucifixion,  it is believed that as Jesus rose from his tomb on a Sunday three days after he died on the cross which is Good Friday, therefore the celebration of this rising should always be a Sunday hence Easter Sunday

The date that Easter Sunday falls on is decided by the first full moon after the vernal equinox, this changes year from year which is why Easter is celebrated earlier some years than others, like this year

For me the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Easter isn’t the Christian parable and teachings of the Resurrection of the body of Christ but yummy chocolate Easter Eggs and chocolate generally

The egg became apart of Easter celebrations as many ancient cultures see the egg as a symbol of life, in many areas eggs were forbidden during lent and therefore after lent they became a delicacy hence them being used during Easter

The Easter bunny became a part of the Easter tradition because of the associated fertility of a hare or rabbit, this refers back to the egg and life. The hare is also an ancient symbol of the moon and as the moon contributes to the date Easter is celebrated each year the hare cements its place in the Easter celebrations

We have France and Germany to thank for the invention of the chocolate Easter egg as they invented these in the 19th century however, they were initially a very bitter taste and also hard to bite. Over the years as chocolate making and creating techniques evolved so did the taste and appearance of the Easter egg which is enjoyed today

Easter eggs are given as a gift to friends and family each year to celebrate this tradition

You will find Easter eggs ranging in all sizes and shapes as well as flavours and colours sold throughout the country

There are leaders in the market like Cadbury and Nestle who have a vast amount of Easter eggs in production, prices of these eggs will range dramatically based on the size of the egg, typically the bigger the more expensive

The most expensive egg I have ever heard of is the giant Easter Atelier Egg from Godiva which is 66cm tall and weighs 14 kg coming in at a whopping £1,000

Cadbury Gifts Direct in my opinion has the best collection of affordable Easter eggs and treats, there are so many different eggs, hampers and gift boxes I would be surprised if you didn’t find something that you thought would make an amazing Easter gift

You can also have a chocolate bar personalised which I think makes the gift that extra special as it shows a bit more thought

They offer next day delivery if you order before 4pm the previous day as well as European delivery, which is fantastic for me as I have friends in Spain I send gifts to and this works out a lot more fee-sable than some of the other sites I have shopped on and cheaper than arranging my own courier

Some of the Easter products on their site are already on sale 15% – 25% discount as well as a few 3 for 2 items

Easter can get expensive if you tend to buy presents for lots of your friends and family so make sure you are shopping around for the best value presents

If you are a fan of my Facebook page you will see that I have a Easter egg giveaway ending on 26th March at midday, you need to tag a friend in the comments of the picture as well as like my page

Good luck


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