Essential Car Maintenance Tips For Beginners

In research conducted by the RAC shows that there are 38 million vehicles on the roads in the UK

With female registered vehicle keepers on the up from 22% in 1997, to now 33% as of the end of 2017

I have held my driving licence since I was old enough, it was important for me to start driving as soon as possible as I have always had a passion for cars

Essential Car Maintenance Tips For Beginners

Looking After Your Vehicle

Maintenance is an essential part of owning a vehicle, take a look at my post on Low Cost Driving to get some tips on how to keep costs down while on the road

Having your vehicle regularly serviced is advisory every year, assuming you do the average annual mileage a year. If you drive more than the average, a service would be required more often

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The average car on the road is 7 years old. From new to now, there could be a number of maintenance issues that should be addresses for your own safety, as well other road users

Long Trips

If you are heading out in your car for a longer trip than you might usually take, it is a good idea to check your tyre pressure

Your oil and water are also worth keeping an eye on to keep your engine working efficiently

This is also a good routine to keep check off, most petrol stations will have air for tyre inflation. Keeping your tyres properly inflated will mean that you are driving more economically, as well as keeping safe

Essential Car Maintenance Tips For Beginners

Legal Requirements

By law your vehicle must have road tax and insurance

If over 3 years old will also require an annual MOT to ensure the vehicle meets the legal road worthy requirements, this needs to be done by an authorised mechanic

With the odds for new and young motorists being higher for on road incidents, it is best to ensure you know the vehicle you are driving is not going to be the reason for any incidents

Keep it safe and keep it legal

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Essential Car Maintenance Tips For Beginners

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