6 Safety Checks To Ensure Your Car Is Safe To Drive

Being a keen motorist, I have a real passion for cars

Choosing your next car isn’t a task to take lightly for any driver

Cars are great objects and give you the ability to be free, and allow you to go where you want, when you want

The better you take care of them, typically the longer they will last and be more reliable and hopefully avoid expensive repair bills


A valid MOT certificate is required for your car to be on the road. If the car is under 3 years old this is not required

It is important to maintain your MOT on your vehicle, it is not only a legal obligation, but also for your own safety


Ensuring the tyres on your car are appropriately inflated

There are no rips or holes in the tyre

If your tyre looks flat, whether this be significantly or just slightly you can try to inflate it yourself with a foot pump

Failing to drive with correctly inflated tyres could be fatal


Do all your lights work?

You can do a simple safety check yourself with the help of a friend by testing them before you set off

Get them to stand in front of the vehicle while you turn on your headlights as well as indicators

Then stand behind your vehicle while you check your reverse light ad you indicators


Check to make sure all your windows are free from any foreign objects

If you have parked under a tree you might notice sap on your windows, if is a good idea to wash this off to avoid smearing if you need to use yours wiper blades

If you see any chips or cracks in any of your windows it is best to get these looked at sooner rather than later


This is something that should be checked periodically

Your vehicle needs a number of fluids other than fuel to work

Your engine needs oil, your brakes and power steering also require fluid to function efficiently

The windscreen wipers require fluid to be able to clear any dirt from your windscreen while driving

Any fluid checks should be done while the car is cold, never after a journey


This is about you, are you tired?

If you are feeling tired you should not get behind the wheel of a vehicle

Tiredness can kill and not just yourself but innocent by standers too

If your vision or concentration is going to affect your driving, you should not attempt to drive

Other than making sure you have your favourite songs playing on your stereo, let me know what other checks you do before driving


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6 Safety Checks To Ensure Your Car Is Safe To Drive


  1. Tracey Hallmark
    16/10/2018 / 00:41

    Great advice for new young drivers too, I’ll be passing on these basics to our 19 year old who passed his test this Summer.

  2. A S,Edinburgh
    02/11/2018 / 19:00

    Very helpful, and such an important list, thank you.

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