8 Signs That You’re Adulting Right

These 8 signs that you’re adulting right could ease your mind

Adulthood is a terrifying thing, isn’t it? One minute, you’re choosing your options for high school studies and the next, you’re in college and bracing yourself for graduation.

Do you know what’s even scarier? Getting to graduation and starting a new job. All of a sudden, it’s ten years since you graduated and you’re still calling your Mom to ask how to boil an egg.

For a lot of people, adulthood doesn’t quite sink in for a good many years

Entering the real world, managing a mortgage, paying the bills on time and battling workplace politics are all a part of being an adult, and it can be so daunting

Just as an example, ask yourself when the last time you booked a dentist appointment was? Yeah, we thought so. It wouldn’t surprise you to find out, then, that most young adults don’t feel like they’ve entered adulthood until they’re at least 25. This is six years after the legal age that people are an adult

Even those in their 30s don’t quite feel adult enough to be adulting. So, they seek out an adultier adult to help them with that

So, if you’re worrying about not feeling too adult in the world, check out our eight tips to figuring out whether you are a “proper” adult just yet!

Grocery Shopping

If you are living on your own, there’s nothing that makes you feel like a grown up much more than heading to the store and making sure that you’re fed for a week – or more, depending on how you shop. Planning your meals and ensuring that you have food in the cupboards and the refrigerator that are all in date and ready to be eaten is an adult step to take. You’ve spent a long time relying on a parent to do those things for you, so when you’re doing it yourself, including budgeting for said food, it can make you feel grown up.


Set A Household Budget

No one enjoys paying bills. We grow up wishing we could be adults and have no rules, and it’s not until you get to adulthood that you realise that there are far more rules then than there are in childhood. You need to learn how to read metres, negotiate with suppliers and pay the bills on time so that you can keep your credit rating at a good level. And, if you know what your credit rating is and how your bills impact it, you know you’re on the path to adulthood!


Cement Your Future

Not many people like to think too far ahead. They like to live in the here and now, not the thirty years ahead. Your pension and your Will are two of the most important things that you can put money into to secure your future. Speaking to a pension provider and setting up a meeting with Wills and probate solicitors can make a big difference to your future. Knowing you’re setting up your life so that should anything happen to you, your loved ones are covered, is a smart and very adult thing to do.


Chores, Chores, Chores

As a kid, you may have had set chores, but as an adult, these are far bigger. There’s more to chores than just making the bed and clearing your trash bin. As an adult, you have to work out how to wash your clothes so that you don’t make the colours run or shrink them. Get some help from your parents, here, and you should be just fine.

Move Out

One big way to feel like more of an adult is to stop living in your childhood bedroom. The single bedroom with the faded Barbie sheets no longer needs to be occupied by you!

While there’s nothing wrong with living with your parents as an adult, there’s more to life than hanging around under the apron strings. Cut the strings and learn to live for yourself and by yourself. If you need the company, get a roomie!


Insurance & Mortgage

An adult who wants to put down roots is an adult who buys a house and fills it with their own things. Then, they take out contents and house insurance to keep it all safe. Have you done either of those yet? If not, start working toward it. You don’t have to rent forever, even though a deposit is a difficult thing to save up for. You’ll feel like an adult if you have a home of your own, with your name on it.


Go To Work

Once you break out of college and high school, it’s into the world of work. You’re out there, doing your thing and earning your own money and it’s a huge deal to do that! This puts you firmly in the adult camp, where you are doing something for yourself and gaining your independence. Being in work means making your own financial decisions and gaining the confidence to believe in those decisions. Being in work means climbing the career ladder and working your way to the top – that’s pretty grown up.


Throw A Dinner Party

Gone are the messy house parties full of tequila shots and silly string. It’s time to sort out a cocktail dress and a far more sophisticated menu for your friends. Throwing a dinner party is the ultimate way to feel more grown up about your life. Especially as you’ll be stressing over table runners and dinner services – now THAT is truly adult.


There are so many more ways than these eight to be a successful adult, but it’s knowing you’re doing it right that’ll make you feel good about life. Young adulthood is one of the most difficult times in life, and while you may find the transition a little difficult right now, it won’t be forever. Settling into adulthood takes longer for some than it does others. The key is knowing that you are doing everything right and trusting yourself. Be the adultiest adult you know – it’s your life!

*this is a collaborative post

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  1. Alica
    27/09/2018 / 08:24

    I am now 45 with 23 year old twins and still feel like I am waiting to be an adult lol I am 18 in my head and wish I had the same responsibilities! Oh if I knew then what I know now!

  2. A S,Edinburgh
    30/10/2018 / 09:55

    Nice ideas, thank you. I think there’s a bit of Imposter Syndrome playing into this, for some people. It’s good to remind yourself that you’re not the only one with this issue, and that the way you feel inside doesn’t negate your achievements.

  3. Iris Tilley
    17/11/2018 / 12:14

    I changed when I opened up new savings accounts for Christmas n birthdays Started buying Gin lol and taking note to stay in touch with friends even if it’s only by text or social media That’s my happy medium

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