5 Driving Essentials For Any Road Trip

Most families use their cars on a day to day basis, whether be the school run, going to work or shopping

But with the Summer coming to an end, you might decide to get a last road trip in this year, before the weather gets bad

Lets talk about the 5 driving essentials you will need before you go on any road trips

Whether your family car is your hand me down old banger, or your brand new just off the forecourt motor

Having the essentials in the car will help make you feel safer on these journeys



Having something to eat and drink in the car is always a good idea for your journey

Obviously if you are only travelling a couple of hours you wont need much more than a snack and a small drink, if that. But best to always take extra’s incase of traffic jams. There could be huge delays, you just don’t know what lays ahead of you

Being able to have a snack or a drink should help with your concentration too and keep hunger at bay

If you are travelling with children in the car some light snacks will break the journey up for them too

This will also save you money from having to stop at service stations en route


Road Map

What I really mean is a Satnav

Actually, it is a good idea to have an actual road map in your car too, they are small and can easily stay in your boot or glovebox

After all, you never know when you might need one. Signal strength on some satnavs aren’t the greatest. You can feel more reassured seeing the directions in black and white in your book


First Aid Kit

Now you night think this sounds a bit drastic to take a first aid kit with you. But did you know, some European countries you are required to have a first aid kit in your vehicle

You never know when someone might get hurt. Doesn’t have to be someone you are travelling with, it could be at an incident, and you are on the scene to help with your trusty kit

There are plenty of ready made first aid kits available to buy, but basics such as sterile gloves, plasters and large sterile gauze dressings are a good idea

At home first aid kits will be slightly different to what you need travelling in your car


Phone Charger

Now this could be a good device to have in your car anyway, a charger that charges your phone through your cigarette lighter 

If you don’t have a mobile charger, then a power bank like this one would be just as good, as long as it is charged obviously

Back to those traffic jams or delays, if you need to phone ahead and let someone know what is happening then you want to make sure you have battery to make that call

I always have one in my glove box



Im not talking dinner dresses etc but basic warm clothes

If the worst happens and you break down, the car is cold and you only have 1 layer on. You can sometimes being waiting hours for recovery, depending where you are, a thick jumper and gloves would help

A blanket is also a good item to keep in your boot for such situations.  It will be just as good if not better, at making sure you stay warm then layering a jumper on top

A reflective jacket can make sure you are visible to other road users, this is also a requirement in some European countries too

If you like cars and driving take a look at Essential Car Maintenance For Beginners 

These are my 5 essentials, but what are yours?

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5 Essentials For Any Road Trip

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  1. A S,Edinburgh
    07/11/2018 / 19:22

    These are all good. Warm clothes in case of breakdown are something easily overlooked, but could be crucial.

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