4 Garden Improvement Ideas

I do like my garden and generally being in my garden makes me happy

During the Summer you might find me working outside with my laptop, sitting under my Pergola

Since I moved to this house my garden has been completely overhauled as part of the renovation

It was grass land with huge mature shrubbery and bulbs planted in sections. Un-even patches of grass and no path to get to the bottom

A greenhouse randomly in the centre, with 2 dilapidated sheds side by side near it


Pretty tragic looking I’m sure you will agree

Old Sheds

For me this garden was completely impractical and I had to change it

I am still not totally happy with how it is, but I have some more improvements I am looking to make to help me love it more



I have quite a large garden surrounded by other gardens, and away from any roads

This means there are no street lights or any other lights to help me see while I am outside at night

Having the pathway lit up would look great, I don’t mean like a runway with a stripe down each side in case you are thinking that

Some strategically placed lights along side it. Spiked solar lights at intervals either side, that’s more the idea

Having a flood light or a security light projected from the back of the house down onto the garden would be ideal

I also like how up lighters look on the side of a house, considering a couple of those by the side of the house



This has been on my list for a rather long time, I feel chimenea bring a nice focal point to seating area

Something that I think looks lovely as well as being practical for heat

I need to think about where it would be safe to put one as currently the only finished patio I have is at the bottom of the garden

I’m not sure directly onto the lawn is the best idea or on the decking

However, there are such lovely ones out there, I am sure I will soon have more ideas on which one I would love and where to place it



The patio area at the bottom of my garden has a large 6 seater wooden table and chairs, which is fine for there

That is also where the gas BBQ and bar area is too, rather than up by the house

Wooden garden furniture

But the top of the garden by the house, still needs something nice to sit on

I feel some rattan style furniture would look great

I do like rattan furniture and I like how low maintenance it is too


Right now the plants in my garden are sparse

I have these wooden planters you can see above at the bottom of my path which have small firs planted

Along with other plastic planters strategically placed nearer the top of the garden which contain mini rose bushes

Other than that, I have a lawn and no flower beds or flowers

I am looking to dig out one of the edges of the lawn, and make a flower bed

The issue I have with this is that I’m not particularly green fingered, and I might struggle to maintain them

Also, with having dogs and cats they would most likely attempt to dig some of it up and ruin it on a regular basis

But I do feel adding more foliage might make a great improvement to my garden


These are just some ideas I am thinking would improve my garden. Do you feel any of these ideas would benefit your garden too?

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4 Garden Improvement Ideas



  1. A S,Edinburgh
    26/10/2018 / 09:45

    All of these are really good ideas. I like a wildflower/wildlife habitat area as an alternative to a neat flowerbed. It’s a helpful cheat for anyone who lacks the time, energy, or confidence to nurture more a more managed display, while also being a great thing to do for the environment. A bit of decoration can help it look intentional!

  2. Amy simpson
    27/10/2018 / 11:31

    Thanks for the tips x

  3. 27/10/2018 / 12:22

    It looks like a really good space, hopefully it will be a great blank canvas for you to get it just how you would like it

  4. bev
    28/10/2018 / 09:31

    Love the chiminea idea

  5. Claire Nutman
    31/10/2018 / 10:43

    Really inspiring ideas, looks lovely!

  6. Lynda Graham
    04/11/2018 / 09:26

    Marvellous to work with that garden and watch it transform over time.

  7. Anthony Harrington
    12/11/2018 / 09:27

    love wild flowers and meadow grass

  8. 11/04/2019 / 04:41

    Gardening is a great activity and it’s a real pleasure to enjoy the end product. It is nice to see your garden grow over the years and to see the result of all your creativity and hard work.

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